What is the best LPG regulator?

List of Best LPG Gas Cylinder Regulators

Product Price
pmw High Pressure Regulator with Nozzle – LPG Replacement Parts -… ₹ 359
Navin High Pressure Gas Regulator Used in high Pressure… ₹ 249
Domestic Regulator for Home L.P.G. and GEYSAR ₹ 500
GSS Automatic Cut Off on Flame Gas Safe Leakage Detector All LPG… ₹ 1,099

What is the price of LPG regulator?

Top Selling Gas Regulators Price List in India

Latest Gas Regulators Models Expected Price
Yildiz Star 230-21 lpm CO2 Gas Pressure Regulator with Flow Gauge, 5450 ₹3944
Fireweld 3-5mm Single Stage Single Gauge LPG Pressure Regulator ₹589
Fireweld Single Stage Mini LPG Gas Pressure Regulator without Gauge ₹589

What is the price of gas regulator in India?

Questions & Answers on LPG Regulators

Regulator Type Min Price Max Price
Clip on Regulator Rs 160/Piece Rs 350/Piece
High Pressure Regulator Rs 105/Piece Rs 490/Piece

What is LPG regulator?

An LPG gas regulator works to make an automatic gas regulator adjustment, reducing high pressure gas to the required 2.75 kPa gas regulator gas pressure for LPG appliances or equipment. The gas bottle regulator (gas regulators for LPG bottles) gas flow output reduces this and is required with all LPG gas installation.

Are all LPG regulators the same?

Whether you are using a Natural Gas, LP Gas or a Propane Gas System there will be a gas regulator attached to control the pressure of the fluid or gas. This ensures a smooth delivery of fuel at the pressure and flow rate that the heater or appliance needs. It’s important to note that one type does not fit all.

How much is LPG gas a Litre?

How much is LPG a litre? The cost of a litre of LPG stands at 47p per litre as of January 2020.

What is the rate of LPG gas cylinder?

Currently the government provides 12 subsidised LPG cylinders of 14.2 kilograms to a household every year….Here are the latest LPG cylinder prices in four metro cities:

City Delhi
Price In Rupees Per 14.2 KG Cylinder 884.50

Can we buy gas regulator separately?

1. Only one regulator is given because only one family (or kitchen) is supposed to used the subsidised LPG Gas for cooking. If you got two regulators with your two cylinders, it will facilitate your selling/renting the other cylinder for commercial purposes. 2.

Which is the best LPG gas in India?

Major LPG Cylinder Providers

  • Indane Gas (Run by Indian Oil Corporation) If you are looking to get a gas connection for your house, one of the choices you will have is to take it from Indane.
  • Bharat Gas (Run by Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited)
  • HP Gas (Run by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited)

How long do LPG regulators last?

10 years
Service life It is recommended that regulators should be replaced after 10 years from the time of first use. But a regulator should be regularly checked for damage or incorrect performance and replaced if not in good condition.

Which is the best LPG regulator in India?

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What is the purpose of an LPG regulator?

LPG Regulator. Our range of LPG regulator, LPG gas regulator allow stability at both high as well as low pressures. These LPG gas regulator, LPG pressure regulator are used to reduces the LPG pressure, allowing a regular flow of gas as per the requirement of the engine.

Can a CNG regulator be used with an LPG burner?

Our Gas Regulator (REG-0201) is manufactured with feature of changeable outlet pressure. Their special design makes it perfect for use with commercial level burners and reticulated systems. These can be used with LPG and CNG and are compatible with all brands of gas stoves / cooktops.

Which is the best gravity LPG regulator to buy?

Gravity LPG regulators are specifically designed to control the flow of liquid petroleum gas and are manufactured from forged brass. The regulator is compact in design offering consistent smooth operation featuring a well-designed plastic molded knob for pressure adjustment. more… Ajmeri Gate,Delhi | More…