What is the AZ rate in the Navy?

Aviation Maintenance Administrationmen
Aviation Maintenance Administrationmen (AZ) perform a variety of clerical, administrative, and managerial duties necessary to keep aircraft maintenance activities running efficiently. The rating requires close communication with all other aviation maintenance ratings.

What are right arm rates in the Navy?

Right arm rates were to signify men of the Seamen Branch; left arm rates were to be used by personnel of the Artificer Branch, Engine Room Force, and all other petty officers.

Where do you go for EOD training in the Navy?

Though there will be administrative work, the majority of your time will be spent out from behind a desk and in the field. EOD Prep Course of Instruction (3 weeks) – The EOD training pipeline starts with preparatory training in Great Lakes, IL. Candidates work on swim stroke development, long-range swims and physical conditioning.

How often does the Navy use explosive ordnance disposal?

The other 364 days of the year, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technicians and Officers are doing all they can to prevent them. Using advanced tools like cutting-edge robotic technology and explosives chemistry, this elite group performs missions that require immense bravery—from jumping out of airplanes to blowing up underwater mines.

How long does it take to become an EOD Officer?

Becoming an EOD Officer is no easy process. While the rigorous 51 weeks of training are both physically and mentally grueling, you will be rewarded with unrivaled leadership opportunities, first-rate compensation and respect. All EOD Officers must attend a certified Navy Officer training program.

Is the rating the same as the rate in the Navy?

Ratings should not be confused with rates, which describe the Navy’s enlisted pay-grades and ratings. Enlisted service members (sailors) are referred to by their rating and pay-grade.