What is the Air Force uniform regulation?

U.S. Air Force uniform regulations authorize personnel assigned to public duties, and some other, units to wear “distinctive uniforms,” a similar concept to the “special ceremonial units” identified in U.S. Army uniform regulations.

What is the Air Force service uniform?

Air Force uniforms authorized for wear by Civil Air Patrol members include Service Dress, Mess Dress (for Senior Members only), the woodland camouflage Battle Dress Uniform (BDU), the Airman Battle Uniform (ABU), the green Nomex flight suit, and the CWU-45P green Nomex flight jacket, the latter two items being restricted to aircrew only.

What do Air Force officers wear?

Enlisted airmen wear cloth rank insignia on both sleeves of the jacket and shirt, while officers wear metal rank insignia pinned onto the epaulets of the coat, and Air Force Blue slide-on loops (“soft rank” shoulder insignia) on the epaulets of the shirt.

When can you wear the Air Force mess dress uniform?

Air Force officers and enlisted personnel wear the mess dress uniform to formal occasions such as the Air Force Ball, a unit’s annual dining-in or civilian events like weddings that require evening wear.

Can Air Force retirees wear their uniforms?

Air Force retirees may wear any of the uniform as prescribed at date of retirement according to Air Force Instruction 36-2903, which addresses the wearing of Air Force uniforms by Air Force retirees and Air Force veterans. Retired Airmen receive the retired lapel button at retirement and should wear it on the left lapel.

What is the dress code for the Air Force?

Bandsmen, recruiters, chaplains, and fitness center staff are permitted to wear the Air Force “informal uniform” while on duty. This civilian-style dress consists of khaki trousers, a blue Air Force–logo polo shirt, and solid black athletic shoes.

What is AR 670-1?

The Ar 670-1 is a publication that informs service members of the details regarding how to wear their uniforms. This regulation includes the uniform itself, anything worn with the uniform, and even behaviors expected when in uniform. Furthermore, the regulation includes rules on your person such as hair, makeup, and tattoos.

What is the new army uniform?

More than two years in the making, the Army announced on Veterans Day that it would indeed be adopting a new service uniform in 2019. Photos of the final uniform are yet to be released, but it will feature a belted jacket, foldable garrison cover and brown leather shoes in a gender-neutral style with long ties and pants for both men and women.