What is the age of Shivjot?

28 years (August 21, 1993)

Where is from Shivjot?

Hanumangarh, India
Shivjot/Place of birth

What is the surname of Shivjot?

Shivjot Singh
Shivjot/Full name

Who is Shivjot singer?

Shivjot (Singer) Biography

Real Name Shivjot Singh Dandiwal
Born 21 August 1993
Birthplace Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, India
Height 5′ 11” or 178cm
School Unknown

What is the full name of Shivjot?

What is the age of Amrit Maan?

29 years (June 10, 1992)
Amrit Maan/Age

Is Ammy Virk a doctor?

Popular singer and actor Ammy Virk didn’t initially plan to enter the Punjabi industry and he has a degree in Master of Science in Biotechnology.

How old is Jordan Sandhu?

27 years (July 12, 1994)
Jordan Sandhu/Age

Is Amrit Maan a Rajput?

Family, Caste & Girlfriend Amrit Maan belongs to a Sikh Family. He was born to a teacher mother and father. He has a younger brother, Lovejot.

Is Himanshi Khurana boyfriend?

Himanshi Khurana
Years active 2010–present
Known for Bigg Boss 13
Notable work Sadda Haq
Partner(s) Asim Riaz

How tall is shivjot from Punjabi music industry?

Shivjot is a Punjabi Singer and lyricist associated with Punjabi Music Industry. He is born in a Sikh family on 21 August 1993 and his birthplace is Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, India. His height is about 5′ 11”. He completed his graduation from Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran, Mohali, Punjab.

What kind of role does shivjot play in Punjabi film?

In 2019, he made his acting stint in the Punjabi film “Television.” He calls himself a spiritual person. He is a close friend of the Punjabi singer, Kulwinder Billa . His dream role is to play a lead role in some sad-romantic and action film. Shivjot has never received any formal training in Music.

What do people call the Punjabi singer shivjot?

His friends fondly call him Shivi, Shivu, and Jot. Shivjot has a huge collection of perfumes and books. Shivjot started his career as a lyricist but he had a deep interest in singing, so he chose singing as his profession.

When did shivjot give his first live performance?

Shivjot gave his first live singing performance when he was in his 3rd standard. In 2008, he moved to Chandigarh for better career opportunities. He used to participate in singing competitions in his college’s annual and youth fests.