What is special about zsh?

It adds a right-aligned info box, integration with git and command history, incredible customization, and wraps it all up in a slick interface based on the powerline plugin for vim. You’ll want to use iTerm on macOS, or any terminal with 24-bit color, to get the most out of powerlevel9k (or any ZSH theme, really).

What can I do with zsh?

The Z shell known as zsh is a shell for Linux/Unix-like operating systems. It has similarities to other shells in the sh (Bourne shell) family, such as as bash and ksh , but it provides many advanced features and powerful command line editing options, such as enhanced Tab completion.

Is zsh better than fish?

Both Fish and Zsh are ranked as best in shell scripting with their way of writing scripts and functions. Also, both are open source tools that anyone can use them freely. Zsh is extended from Bash language, and fish scripting is totally different from Bash or, to be specific, Zsh language.

Why is zsh called zsh?

Paul Falstad wrote the first version of Zsh in 1990 while a student at Princeton University. The name zsh derives from the name of Yale professor Zhong Shao (then a teaching assistant at Princeton University) — Paul Falstad regarded Shao’s login-id, “zsh”, as a good name for a shell.

Why did Apple switch to Zsh?

The reason Apple has not switched to these newer versions is that they are licensed with GPL v3. bash v3 is still GPL v2. zsh , on the other hand, has an ‘MIT-like’ license, which makes it much more palatable for Apple to include in the system by default. The zsh version on macOS 10.14 Mojave is fairly new (5.3).

Why is Apple switching to zsh?

How do you tell if you are using bash or zsh?

Update your Terminal preferences to open the shell with the command /bin/bash , as shown in the screenshot above. Quit and restart Terminal. You should see “hello from bash”, but if you run echo $SHELL , you will see /bin/zsh .

Is Fish faster than Zsh?

Fish’s performance is a lot better than ZSH’s, and very similar to Bash. Fish is only a couple ms slower than Bash, but almost 4x faster than ZSH.

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