What is sonday reading?

The Sonday System is a comprehensive line of materials designed to help educators provide multisensory reading instruction to students from pre-K through 8th grade reading levels. Using proven Orton-Gillingham methods, the Sonday System is simple, quick to implement and highly effective.

Is sonday reading program evidence based?

Before implementing a reading intervention the researcher must first deem if the program is an evidence-based practice. For the purposes of this research The Sonday System will be used as the intervention on students with a specific learning disability.

What is sonday training?

The Sonday System is a scientifically based reading program designed to help students learn and recognize beginning letters and sounds. The students can range from 1 year below grade level to multiple years below grade level.

What is the science of reading?

The term “science of reading” refers to the research that reading experts, especially cognitive scientists, have conducted on how we learn to read. This body of knowledge, over twenty years in the making, has helped debunk older methods of reading instruction that were based on tradition and observation, not evidence.

Is Fundations Orton Gillingham based?

Wilson Reading System®, Just Words®, and Fundations® are scientifically based MSL programs that align with Orton-Gillingham principles. Adults of all ages also can learn to read with proper instruction.

What are the two methods of teaching phonics?

Types of phonics instructional methods and approaches

  • Analogy phonics.
  • Analytic phonics.
  • Embedded phonics.
  • Phonics through spelling.
  • Synthetic phonics.

How do you teach phonetics?

Try writing out words to start off with and looking them up in the dictionary. You will get the hang of it really quickly. It is impossible to teach phonetics without a strong command of the phonetic chart. Listen to the word in the context of a sentence.

How does Sonday System 1 work for reading?

Sonday System 1 offers structured, systematic, multisensory reading intervention for readers at the beginning stages of reading through the end of the 2nd-grade reading level. Each lesson plan uses proven Orton-Gillingham methods to provide effective intervention in small-group settings.

How long is the Sonday System 1 class?

The lessons were created using the Orton-Gillingham approach to language and literacy instruction, and are designed to be 35 minute sessions. Sonday System 1 is focused around pre-reading skills through 2nd grade level instruction.

Is the Sonday System Essentials a consumable product?

Sonday System Essentials is designed to be purchased by grade level and is not consumable. Teach Orton-Gillingham to the whole class. Sonday System Essentials is the simplest way to bring proven multisensory phonics instruction to kindergarten through 5th grade general education classrooms and distance learning settings.

How much does Orton Gillingham Reading Intervention Cost?

NOW AVAILABLE FOR DUAL DELIVERY – IN PERSON OR ONLINE Our new Sonday System ® Dual-Delivery Kits make Orton-Gillingham multisensory intervention reading lessons easy for your teachers—online and in person… all for one low price of $1395 per classroom.