What is Second Life community?

Second Life is an online world in which users (called residents) create virtual representations of themselves, called avatars, and interact with other avatars, places or objects. Second Life isn’t just a fancy chat room — residents can do much more than communicate with one another.

How do community forums work?

Forums are online messaging boards that people can use to communicate with each other about a variety of different topics in specific niches. There are also broader forums that have different ‘threads’ on specific topics that users can easily find such as Reddit, or question and answer forums such as Quora.

What are experiences in Second Life?

In Second Life terminology, an experience is a set of avatar interactions created by one or more scripted objects. With an experience key, creators can build their experiences so that a user only needs to grant avatar permissions once for the entire experience rather than separately for each scripted object within it.

Are forums useful?

Forums are very important and they play an important role in the online classroom, helping learners interact and form bonds with each other. Forums are the soul of online training. Forums are also where most of the interaction takes place between the students; they are critical for keeping the community alive.

Is it OK to post in Second Life Community?

Second Life discussions welcome here! Please follow the community guidelines. Is it ok none premium account to post in the forum? Oh my Gawd! – Totally unOfficial Pet Peeve Thread. 1 2 3 4 36

Where can I find the latest Second Life News?

Read up on the latest Second Life news and announcements in our Blogs, discover useful tips in the Knowledge Base, and follow conversations in the Forums. Need more help? Visit our Support page

What do you talk about in Second Life?

Discuss upcoming events in Second Life such as Sporting events, concerts, dancing, you name it! Discussion about the best places to play games in Second Life.

How to search for groups in Second Life?

Search for Groups Find groups to join that congregate around any topic you can possibly imagine. Can’t think of what to search for? Try keywords like “artists” or “gamers”. Launch viewerto search moderate listings. Your search will be redirected to search.secondlife.com Get Creative