What is prenatal and postnatal care?

Overview. Pregnancy care consists of prenatal (before birth) and postpartum (after birth) healthcare for expectant mothers. It involves treatments and trainings to ensure a healthy prepregnancy, pregnancy, and labor and delivery for mom and baby.

What is the meaning of post natal care?

World health organization stated that postnatal care is defined as a care given to the mother and her newborn baby immediately after the birth of the placenta and for the first six weeks of life. Majority of maternal and neonatal deaths occur during childbirth and the postpartum period.

What is post natal care and why is it important?

Why is Postnatal Care important? Postnatal care for women is essential after the delivery, keeping labour and birth in account. It is designed according to a woman’s individual needs and preferences and aims to create a supportive environment for the new mother and her baby where even the families are involved.

What is included in postnatal care?

In this section

  • After your baby is born.
  • Mother and baby health checks.
  • Common problems for newborn babies.
  • Feeding your baby.
  • Sleeping advice – reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Postnatal physiotherapy.
  • Contraception and sexual health.
  • Emotional wellbeing.

Why is postnatal care equally important as prenatal care?

The main purpose of providing optimal postnatal care is to avert both maternal and neonatal death, as well as long-term complications.

What are the aims of post natal care?

Why are postpartum visits important?

A postpartum checkup is a medical checkup you get after having a baby to make sure you’re recovering well from labor and birth. Postpartum care is important because new moms are at risk of serious and sometimes life-threatening health complications.

How long should you stay home after giving birth?

Unless you’ve had a C-section, you should be able to leave the hospital 24 hours after giving birth, assuming both you and baby have been cleared by your individual doctors. The C-section recovery timeline has you staying for approximately four days.

What are the risks of no prenatal care?

Lack of prenatal care is associated with a 40% increase in the risk of neonatal death overall and a doubling of the risk among women delivering at or after 36 weeks’ gestation.

What is postnatal care and what does it include?

Postnatal care is essential for 6-8 weeks after the baby is born. During this period, the mother goes through a number of physical and emotional changes and thus requires rest, nutrition and vaginal care. The main objectives here are: Sharing responsibility is essential for the health of the mother, after delivery.

When to start postnatal care for new mothers?

Best Practices: Postnatal Care for All Mothers and Newborns. • Provide postnatal care in the first 24 hours to all mothers and babies─regardless of where the birth occurs. A full clinical examination should be done around 1 hour after birth, when the baby has had his/her first breastfeed.

Why are postnatal visits important for the mother and baby?

These visits early in the postnatal period are important for the mother and baby. It is also an important opportunity to ensure the establishment of breastfeeding and address any difficulties with attachment and positioning. How to provide information and support for the care of the mother after birth

What are the three stages of prenatal care?

There are three stages of caring for an expecting mother: prenatal, intranatal, postnatal care. This is essential to ensure smooth pregnancy and labour and to keep the mother healthy after giving birth. This care is a combined effort between the doctor and the expectant couple.