What is OFBiz framework?

Overview. Apache OFBiz is a framework that provides a common data model and a set of business processes. All applications are built around a common architecture using common data, logic and process components.

Is OFBiz any good?

An Apache top level project for 10 years, OFBiz has shown it’s stability and maturity as an enterprise-wide ERP solution that is flexible enough to change with your business. OFBiz architecture is extremely flexible allowing developers to quickly and easily extend and enhance the framework with custom features.

How do I start OFBiz?

  1. STEP 1:- Install JAVA. Firstly install java in your system which is primary requirement for installing Apache OFBiz.
  2. STEP 2:- Edit . bashrc file.
  3. STEP 4:- Quick START.
  4. Step -1.
  5. STEP 6:- Data loading tasks.
  6. STEP 7:- Load default OFBiz data.
  7. STEP 8:- Load seed data.
  8. STEP 9 :- Load ext data.

Who uses OFBiz?

Companies Currently Using Apache OFBiz

Company Name Website Employees
HotWax Systems hotwaxsystems.com From 50 to 199
Ferns N Petals PVT LTD fnp.com From 200 to 499
National Informatics Center nic.in From 1,000 to 4,999
diginea GmbH diginea.de Unknown

How do I turn off OFBiz?

Force OFBiz shutdown Terminate all running OFBiz server instances by calling the appropriate operating system kill command. Use this command to force OFBiz termination if the –shutdown command does not work. Usually this is needed when in the middle of data loading or testing in OFBiz.

Is Apache OFBiz free?

It is an open source ERP that can also be used as a framework. Is OFBiz really free? Yes Apache OFBiz is completely free. You can download and use it for free.

How do I run OFBiz on Windows?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Install Java SDK. The current stable release (16.11) needs Java 1.8 as a minimum.
  2. Download the latest stable release. You can download the latest stable release via the following link (ADD link to Download)
  3. Building and Starting OFBiz. Extract the downloaded zip file.
  4. Stopping OFBiz.

How do I download OFBiz?


  1. Using a Download Mirror. Download your required version from one of our download mirrors and extract the zip file.
  2. Checkout the Source Code. Checkout the source code from the repository. Anyone can checkout or browse the source code in the OFBiz public gitbox or GitHub repositories.

What is ERP system and how it works?

An ERP system works by decreasing the number of resources needed to run the business optimally but still ensuring profitability and business improvement. The ERP system is different from a single application because it allows other enterprise modules of your company to work from one database.