What is kite foil racing?

Kite Foil Racing is an exhilarating discipline that involves kiteboarders using a kite and foilboard to navigate a course. The competition is based around a start and finish point and to win, you must be the first across the line.

Is kite foiling difficult?

The kite method Pitch control is more difficult as you need to learn on a longer mast to keep the wings submerged. With little control over your speed, or direction, with no muscle memory of pitch control or balance, this method will definitely take you longer and have plenty of frustration and some nice crashes.

How fast can a kite foil go?

An average kite rider travels at approximately 17.38 knots or 20 MPH. The world kiteboard speed record is 57.97 knots or 66.71 MPH. We review the major components of kiting gear and what factors involved in going fast.

How does a kite foil work?

Foil kites are soft kites based on the design of the parafoil. They consist of a number of cells running fore to aft, some or all of which are open at the front to allow air to inflate the kite so it takes on an aerofoil section. These kites are naturally slower to inflate than an open-fronted foil.

Is Wing foiling easier than kite foiling?

Kite foilers can get flying on the foil in lighter wind than wing foilers. At the other end of the wind range, wing foils are easier to handle in strong winds. At 30 knots a kite foiler may be in for a scary or difficult time, while a wing foiler can handle things more easily.

Is foiling faster than windsurfing?

In light winds, foiling is a great way to windsurf. Being faster that everybody on a normal windsurfer was great.

Can You wing foil in a lake?

Basically, you can wing foil almost anywhere, even on very small lakes, and it’s really fun even in light and gusty winds.

Is Wingsurfing easier than kitesurfing?

Unlike a typical kitesurfing board, a windsurfing board will float with a riders weight, requiring no forward motion to keep it above the water surface. So in terms of getting up on either a kitesurfing board or a windsurfing board, windsurfing is easier.

How much wind do you need to kite foil?

Generally speaking, the average kiteboarder needs about 12mph of wind to get up and ride. Lighter riders can stay upwind and ride in less wind, while heavier riders (over 200lbs) may need 15mph. Modern race boards and race kites can get a skilled rider ripping in under 10mph, but this is the exception, not the rule.