What is jive phone service?

Jive delivers enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP features and award-winning voice quality with industry-leading reliability via the cloud. Jive business plans include Hosted PBX controls, award-winning voice quality, and top-rated customer service.

What is Jive GoToConnect?

This video provides an overview of the mobile app for GoToConnect, which is available for Android and iPhone users. This app allows you to access many of the key features from the program GoToConnect, which allows you to use your business phone from your computer.

What is GoToConnect?

GoToConnect Bundles Voice meetings and messaging, plus remote access, support, and security.

What are the advantages of VoIP?

VoIP: Advantages

  • Lower costs.
  • Increased accessibility.
  • Complete portability.
  • Higher scalability.
  • Advanced features for small and large teams.
  • Clearer voice quality.
  • Supports multitasking.
  • More flexibility with softphones.

Is jive an insult?

Turkeys are known to gobble, adding to the sense of jive, and have been variously used to insult someone as “dull” or “worthless.” The insult jive turkey also appeared on popular 1970s-1980s sitcoms, such as The Jeffersons.

What does Jive mean as a communication platform?

Jive isn’t just for communication. It’s also a complete collaboration platform, connecting people, knowledge and processes across the enterprise, with massive benefits for your business. Learn about the key features no interactive intranet should be without.

What does Jive interactive intranet do for You?

Jive Interactive Intranet not only integrates communications; it gives them meaningful context, organizing conversations, messages and notifications around actual work processes and projects. And it separates signals from noise, using machine intelligence and personalization to deliver only the information that matters most to each user.

What do you see when you call Jive gotoconnect?

Depending on which settings have been enabled for your account, you can see things like how long a person has been on hold, who placed the call, and the name or number of the person who has been call parked.