What is internal communication strategy?

An internal communications plan sets business goals in communicating with employees and plans the tasks required to achieve those goals. Your internal communications strategy is the blueprint that guides you to achieve internal communications success.

What are some internal communication methods?

Important Company Internal Communication Methods:

  • Face-to-Face Communication. Be sure that the message is being presented clearly and positively.
  • Corporate Intranet Platform.
  • E-mail Correspondence.
  • Videos.
  • Company Notice Board.
  • Business Memos.
  • Business Report.
  • Texting.

How many types of internal communication are there?

The 7 Types of Internal Communication that Have to Happen. Internal communications is a broad term that covers many areas of business. As such, there are many internal communication types that need to take place within an organisation.

What are the examples of downward communication?

In the workplace, directives from managers to employees are the most basic form of downward communication. These can be written manuals, handbooks, memos, and policies, or oral presentations. Another example of downward communication is a board of directors instructing management to take a specific action.

How to integrate internal and external communications at GE?

Integrate internal communications with external communications for the most effective brand storytelling. As Deirdre describes, at GE there is “no longer a divide between internal and external communications.”

How is GE’s generic strategy and intensive strategy evaluated?

General Electric’s management personnel use the company’s generic strategy and intensive strategies to determine the appropriateness of tactics and operational approaches. For example, GE’s operations management approaches are evaluated based on how they contribute to the competitive advantage and growth of the business.

Which is the primary strategy of General Electric?

Product Development (Primary). Product development is the primary intensive growth strategy in General Electric Company’s business. Growth is achieved through new products that increase the company’s sales revenues. For example, under this intensive strategy, GE maintains high-productivity research and development processes.

Which is the best way to communicate with GE employees?

Plus, as a company that is constantly recruiting, LinkedIn is also the best place for GE to communicate with potential job seekers. While it may seem obvious, many companies are still using their own websites, blogs and intranets to communicate with their employees, missing out on the opportunity to attract and influence those beyond their walls.