What is GREY drawing paper for?

Sketching on toned paper is ideal for fast field work. Drawings done on mid-range gray or brown paper can help you to use a wider range of values (light to dark), and to place shadows and highlights more deliberately. Use the value of the paper as one of the values in your drawing.

What is toned tan paper good for?

Ideal for light and dark media projects, this warm tan toned sketch paper is the perfect basis for your artistic works. The medium surface is great for use with graphite and colored pencil, chalk, charcoal, sketching stick, marker, and ink and gel pen.

Why do artists GREY the paper first when creating a realistic drawing?

It’s easier to push a drawing darker if you start with toned paper. Then, if you choose add some white highlights, you are doing so with intention and your work will seem more complete.

What paper should I use for pencil drawing?

For rough practice sketches, pretty much any paper will do. Office printer paper is cheap and smooth and doesn’t “bleed” if you like to sketch in pen. Bulk newsprint pads are functional, if not robust, and useful for large preparatory sketches. Canson Biggie Sketch or Strathmore 200 series are good, economical choices.

Why do artists draw on brown paper?

Artists would capture their reference imagery in a sketchbook and then work from those sketches to complete a larger, more involved painting. Using toned papers allowed these artists to save time. They could shade the darks, use white for highlights and allow the paper to do the rest.

Is black or white paper better?

White also reflects all wavelengths of light. With a gray tint background, less light reflects behind the words, making it easier on the eyes. The black text works better because black is also a color that doesn’t reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum [source].

How can I change the color of my paper?

Change the background color

  1. Go to Design > Page Color.
  2. Choose the color you want. If you don’t see the color you want, select More Colors and then pick a color from any of the options in the Color box. Tips: To pick a color from a file, select the picture image, click the gear icon, and select New from File.