What is fc20 material?

Riblene FC 20 is a high molecular weight low density polyethylene resin (LDPE) suitable for blown film extrusion. Riblene FC 20 is characterised by a high melt strength leading to a good bubble stability during extrusion.

What is cast iron Grade?

Farmer’s Copper carries three main grades of casted iron products: V-2 (class 40) Gray Iron, V-3 (65-45-12) Ductile Iron, and V-4 (80-55-06) Ductile Iron. These products offer excellent compression strength and high vibration dampening capability.

What is FC250 material?

Mechanical Properties

Metal material Yield point [N/mm²] Tensile strength [N/mm²]
FC250 ̶ 250
FC300 ̶ 300
FC350 ̶ 350
FCD400 250 400

What is the chemical composition of cast iron?

Cast iron is one of the oldest ferrous metals in commercial use. It is primarily composed of iron (Fe), carbon (C) and silicon (Si), but may also contain traces of sulfur (S), manganese (Mn) and phosphorus (P). It has a relatively high carbon content of 2% to 5%.

Is 1030 a material specification?

The chemical composition of AISI 1030 carbon steel is outlined in the following table….Chemical Composition.

Element Content (%)
Iron, Fe 98.67-99.13
Manganese, Mn 0.60-0.90
Carbon, C 0.270-0.340
Phosphorous, P ≤ 0.040

What is CAC406 material?

Bronze (JIS: CAC406) containing several mass% Pb has been widely used for water faucets and pipes for fresh water supply because of its good machinability.

Is standard for casting?

This standard was first pubIished in 1950 and subsequently revised in 1962, 1970, 1978 and 1993. The Pig Iron and Cast Iron Sectional Committee decided to revise IS 210 by merging it with IS 6331 : 1987. The production of castings in the higher grades of grey cast iron often involves special techniques.

What is the chemical composition of FC200 steel?

SteelJIS: Japanese Steels and Alloys. . Grade : FC200. Classification: Cast iron Flake graphite cast iron. Standards: JIS G 5501 : Grey iron castings. Chemical composition 成分 % of grade FC200.

What kind of material is riblene FC 20 made out of?

Riblene FC 20 is supplied in pellet form. This material may readily be conveyed and bulk fed through equipment designed for conventional pelletised polyethylene resin, provided the equipment is designed to prevent accumulation of the fines and dust particles that are contained in all polyethylene resins.

Which is the world equivalent of grade FC200?

Worldwide equivalents of grade FC200 (Japan: JIS ) Cast iron : FC200. Japan. Standard : JIS G5501:1995. Cross reference table. for Cast iron FC200 (JIS ) and its European equivalent EN-GJL-200 (EN-JL1030) ( EN ) EU. EN. USA.