What is Dolomites famous for?

The Dolomites are renowned for skiing in the winter months and mountain climbing, hiking, cycling, and BASE jumping, as well as paragliding and hang gliding in summer and late spring/early autumn.

What makes the Dolomites so special?

The Dolomites are extraordinary mountains; a collection of exceptional geological features unique in the world. Their prolongation leads to the formation of sharp points, broken crests and jagged angles that characterise and indicate from afar mountains known as primitive […]”.

Where are the Dolomites in Italy?

Province of Belluno

Are Dolomites expensive?

Now, although the Dolomites are certainly expensive for Italy, they weren’t actually as expensive as we feared. Indeed, they’re a bargain in comparison to the mountains of Switzerland.

Is it worth visiting the Dolomites?

The Dolomites are clean, safe and welcoming and are ideal for families to visit and explore together. There are plenty of family-friendly locations and activities, and enough variety to keep everyone happy. Get our Ultimate Active Travel Guide to prepare for your next active vacation.

Are the Dolomites worth seeing?

The Dolomites are known for being a great place to visit in the summer months as well as the winter months. Europe, the Dolomites included, have some of the most breathtaking hiking trails in the universe. For the genuine adrenaline seekers, paragliding and base jumping can be done here too.

Is Dolomites worth visiting?

Do you need a car in the Dolomites?

To really make the most of a trip to the Dolomites you’ll need a car. There’s also definitely a lot of driving. This is due to the mountain roads and the non-direct paths you’ll have to take. You can hire cars at airports but be beware that the queues can be very long so you may need to plan this into your itinerary.

What is the best time to hike the Dolomites?

The best time to hike and trek the Italian Dolomites is when the European Alps summer hiking season officially starts, which is in the second weekend of June and ends on the second last weekend in September. The Italian Dolomite mountains offer some of the best weather in all of the Alps.

Where should I stay when visiting the Dolomites?

Best Places to Stay in the Dolomites

  • Lago di Braies (Pragser Wildsee)
  • Lago di Sorapis.
  • Seceda.
  • Tre Cime di Lavaredo (Drei Zinnen)
  • Lago di Carezza (Karersee)
  • Val di Funes (Villnoss)
  • Alpe di Siusi (Seiser Alm)