What is CashWare?

CashWare is our flagship product used to support cash recyclers and cash dispensers. CashWare is middleware software that links the recycler or dispenser with your core provider teller application. Over the years, CashWare has gained popularity and become a favorite among tellers.

What is ARCA company?

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How does Cash Recycler work?

Cash Recycling In a cash recycler, banknotes are placed into a feeder and passed through a bill identifier to determine the denomination and validity of the banknotes. This cash is then stored in separate cassettes or modules for dispensing in future transactions.

How does cash recycler work?

How many employees does ARCA have?

Arca Continental

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Which is the best software for cash recyclers?

Discover the cash recycler software preferred by teller’s nationwide. CashWare supports over 25 of the most common cash recyclers and dispensers. CashWare is licensed per recycler/ dispenser – not per workstation like most other middleware applications.

How does cash recycler help the retail industry?

In retail environments, cash recyclers significantly reduce low-value, repetitive labor around cash management. Cash automation can halve the time staff spends on starting floats, note and coin counting, till sweeps and swaps, cashier reconciliation and preparing deposits.

Where can I get help with Cashware software?

Need assistance with CashWare? Open a help ticket by submitting a form online, emailing [email protected] or calling 470-865-6100. Looking at cash recycler middleware options?

Why do you need ARCA cash recycler technology?

Technology you can trust, freeing you to do more. When cash comes between you and your customers, it’s not just wasted time — it’s a wasted opportunity. ARCA automation takes care of your cash and lets you focus on your customers. Never miss another opportunity.