What is And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie about?

Considered the best mystery novel ever written by many readers, And Then There Were None is the story of ten strangers, each lured to Indian Island by a mysterious host. Once his guests have arrived, the host accuses each person of murder.

Is And Then There Were None inappropriate?

But as with the rest of the Christie novels, this is a book not intended for younger readers (although it is suitable for an older tween, having read this at 12), especially because of the thematic elements and mature (occasionally graphic) content.

What age is Agatha Christie appropriate for?

10 or 12, probably–if the person likes the book, that is, after the first few pages. I’d be more worried about Christie’s tendency to start a bit slowly and finish strong.

What grade level is And Then There Were None?

And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie Collection)

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 9 – 12 Grade 6 52656

What age should read Murder on the Orient Express?

Because of its violence, and scary scenes and themes, it isn’t recommended for children under 13. We also recommend parental guidance for children aged 13-15 years.

Who gets Agatha Christie royalties?

Who now makes the money from her sales? Exact figures are difficult to come by but royalties from book sales alone are thought to be worth at least £5m a year. The company that benefits the most is Chorion Ltd, which paid £10m for a controlling share of the rights to Christie’s work back in 1998.

Is there a sequel to and then there were none?

And Then There Were None

Cover of first UK 1939 edition with original title.
Author Agatha Christie
Preceded by Murder Is Easy
Followed by Sad Cypress
Website And Then There Were None

What is the summary of and then there were none?

And Then There Were None Summary. Buy Study Guide. The novel opens with all of the main characters traveling by train or car to a ferry that will take them to a mysterious island named Indian Island. Each guest has received an invitation from a Mr. or Mrs. U.N. Owen, or a Mrs. Constance Culmington, to come to the island.

Who is the murder in and then there none?

And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie . The murderer was the judge, Mr John Lawrence Wargrave a.k.a Mr. Justice Wargrave who planned a murder masterpiece that cannot be solved by anyone. He faked his own death and killed himself in the end to add spice to the mystery.

Who said and then there were none?

The film being shown was this 1945 American film directed by Rene Clair . Sensitivity to the original title of the novel was remarked by Sadie Stein in 2016, commenting on a BBC mini series with the title And Then There Were None, which she said “has been an enormous hit in the UK.”.

Who wrote and then there were none?

“And Then There Were None”. “And Then There Were None” is a detective fiction novel written by Agatha Christie, and it was first published in 1939 under the title ” Ten little niggers “.