What is a NeuroCom balance Master?

NeuroCom Balance Master® With visual biofeedback on either a stable or unstable support surface and in a stable or dynamic visual environment, the clinician can assess patients performing tasks ranging from essential daily living activities through high-level athletic skills.

How does a NeuroCom balance master work?

You are strapped into a harness and connected to the NeuroCom system for your safety. We then test your balance system by feeding it incorrect information – in the form of a moving platform and/or walls – and recording how you react to that.

What is NeuroCom?

The NeuroCom® represents the. most advanced balance and mobility assessment and treatment equipment available. The techniques utilized in the NeuroCom® were initially developed with support from NASA and later from the National Institute of Health.

What is balance master?

The Balance Master system is focused on offering biofeedback to give insight into balance, posture, and force exertion. It helps to measure the force exerted by the patient’s feet and determine a patient’s center of gravity as they perform activities.

What is the Biodex balance System?

The Biodex Balance System SD is a sophisticated measuring and training device for static and dynamic balance testing and training. The BioSway is a portable balance device with a static-only platform. The Sway Index is an objective quantification of postural sway and is measured during the mCTSIB.

What is a sensory organization test?

The sensory organization test (SOT) is one protocol commonly used in clinical practice. The principle of SOT evaluation is to selectively disrupt the support surface and/or the visual inputs in order to measure the subject’s ability for using remaining sensory channels for postural control [4].

What is computerized dynamic Posturography test?

Computerized Dynamic Posturography is a unique assessment technique used to objectively quantify and differentiate among these three sensory inputs, along with motor, and central adaptive impairments to balance control.

What is the Biodex balance System used for?

Using this unique device, clinicians can assess neuromuscular control by quantifying the ability to maintain dynamic bilateral and unilateral postural stability on a static or unstable surface. Use any of four test protocols including fall risk, athletic single leg stability, limits of stability and postural stability.

What is a biodex test?

The Biodex test involves utilizing a computer assisted machine to assess the patient’s isokinetic strength. The word “isokinetic” refers to an object moving at a constant speed with a varied resistance throughout a range of motion.