What is a dcc Keep Alive?

Keep Alive® technology eliminates issues which arise from poor track conditions and/or poor electrical pickups. When power to your locomotive is interrupted, Keep Alive® delivers up to several seconds of additional power to keep your locomotive running through dead spots on the track.

Are TCS decoders good?

TCS decoders are by far the leading decoder. They make all other decoders look horrible. The BEMF is amazing along with the quality of sound and options. The Keep Alive® is unprecedented and and their customer service is top notch.

Can you convert a DC train to DCC?

One of the first steps you need to do is convert all the locomotives you wish to run on the layout to DCC by installing a decoder. Be sure that you select mobile decoders that are compatible with both analog (DC) systems as well as DCC.

Can you run DCC on analogue?

A: Yes! DCC fitted models will run on analogue, however may be a little slower to respond. The opposite is not true, however, and we do not recommend running analogue locomotives on a digital layout as this can cause internal damage to your locomotive.

Can you run DCC loco on DC track?

Many DCC locos are unable to run in DC because they do not have a dual mode decoder, however most now are equipped with dual mode decoders. Also, DCC locos usually (not always) will not run as well as they do on DCC.

What is the difference between DCC and DCC Ready?

DC, old-school analogue style locomotives into which a DCC chip might not even fit and which will require soldering and wiring, if there is space. DCC Ready, a DC locomotive that doesn’t have the DCC chip installed but does has sufficient space inside and has a socket in place allowing a DCC chip to be easily fitted.

Can a DC loco run on DCC?

Only one DC/Analog locomotive or train can run on the entire DCC powered layout. No different than if you had one DC PowerPack/Throttle for the whole layout.

Can you run analogue trains on digital?