What happened to last minute com?

Lastminute.com, the firm which came to fame at the height of the dot.com boom in 2000, has been sold to Swiss travel firm Bravofly Rumbo for $120m (£76m). The online travel booking service, founded by Martha Lane Fox and Brent Hoberman in October 1998, was sold by US tech firm Sabre Holdings.

Did Lastminute go bust?

Avoid lastminute.com, they went bust about 18 months ago, and were re-established as a Phoenix Company – Lastminute.com is operated by the new startup LM. NEXT based in Hatton Garden, London. It tells you something about them, when a new startup business takes over the name of an insolvent company to do business with!

How do I speak to someone from lastminute com?

You can call our booking number, 0871 277 1070, to book any product over the phone.

Who is CEO of lastminute com?

Marco Corradino (Feb 12, 2016–)
Francesco Signoretti (May 2015–)
Marco Corradino, CEO of lastminute.com says: “lastminute.com has always done things differently and is continuing this fine tradition today – we’ve basically been making people more pink for twenty years.

Is lastminute trustworthy?

2. Re: Is Lastminute.com reliable? Don’t have experience with your specific query, but generally speaking lastminute.com is a reputable/reliable website and you should be able to book with them with confidence (famous last words 😉 Seriously though I’d go right ahead and book.

Can you get a refund from lastminute com?

To avoid court, Lastminute.com must also ensure that from now on customers receive a full refund within 14 days if they are legally entitled to one after the cancellation of their package holiday. Lastminute has told us that it now investigating why you have not been refunded and will be in touch.

Does Lastminute have live chat?

lastminute.com has a fantastic range of hotels in Chat, with everything from cheap hotels to luxurious five star accommodation available. We like to live up to our last minute name so remember you can book any one of our excellent Chat hotels up until midnight and stay the same night.

Who is lastminute owned by?


Founded 2 September 1998
Founder(s) Martha Lane Fox Brent Hoberman
Key people Fabio Cannavale (CEO) and (Founder)
Industry Travel
Parent Lastminute.com Group

How do I get a refund from Lastminute?

To exchange your voucher please call our Customer Service Team and they will be happy to advise you of our process. Refunds can be made on unused vouchers bought direct from lastminute.com within 14 days of purchase. A refund cannot be given once the booking has been made with the experience provider.