What happened to Jenny from real world explosion?

After Real World Jenny returned to Los Angeles after moving out of the Real World house. She and Brian got back together and now live together. Jenny now works as a real estate agent. In 2015, Jenny and Brian welcomed their first child, Violet Marie.

Was Cory Wharton on the real world?

Cory Williams is one of the original roommates on Real World: Ex-Plosion. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Cory works as a personal trainer in Santa Monica. His ex is Lauren, his on-and-off childhood sweetheart.

Who did Cory Wharton sleep with?

Cory Wharton He later discovered that the story was a complete hoax, which led him to leave school just a year before graduation. He immediately slept with Jenny two days into being in the house.

Is Bruno and Carla still together?

Are they still together? Not likely. Bruno has made no mention of Carla on social media: no pictures on Instagram, no mentions on Twitter. It would appear as though the two aren’t in each other’s lives whatsoever.

Did CT and Cooke hook up?

“Cooke, we’re hearing rumors that you and CT hooked up during ‘Rivals II,” Johnny says. The Jungle powerhouse attempts to set the record straight, explaining that though she contemplated a physical dalliance with CT, the two never actually went any further than a flirtationship.

How many people are on real world Ex Plosion?

Real World: Ex-Plosion is the twenty-ninth season of the reality television series, Real World, which features seven strangers living in a house together as cameras follow their very move and interpersonal relationships.

Where was the real world season 6 filmed?

It is also the sixth season to be filmed in California, following 2011’s The Real World: San Diego . This season marks many big changes to the show’s format as it is the first season to feature a twist, which would be a continuing trend in the following seasons.

Where was the third season of the real world filmed?

The thirty-third season was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia and premiered on June 13, 2019 along with the first new international localized versions since 1996: El Mundo Real in Mexico City and The Real World: Bangkok.

When did the real world start on MTV?

First broadcast in 1992, the show, which was inspired by the 1973 PBS documentary series An American Family, is the longest-running program in MTV history, one of the longest-running reality series in history, and is credited with launching the modern reality TV genre.