What happened Jasc Software?

Jasc Software also created other popular software titles, including: Image Robot. Animation Shop….Jasc Software.

Type Incorporation
Founded 1991
Defunct October 14, 2004
Fate Acquired by Corel
Headquarters Eden Prairie, Minnesota

What is PaintShop Pro X7?

PaintShop Pro X7 Ultimate, available on a DVD from Corel, provides users with advanced photo editing tools and introduces new features to the PaintShop Pro software line. The software also has 64-bit support for faster processing and better utilization of your computer’s resources.

Does PaintShop pro work with Windows 10?

Both PaintShop Pro and AfterShot Pro are now compatible with Windows 10 and, as we look ahead, we see some really cool upcoming opportunities on the PC platform.

Who owns PaintShop pro?

Jasc Software, Inc.
PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro Photo X2 in Windows Vista
Original author(s) Jasc Software, Inc.
Developer(s) Corel
Initial release August 1990
Stable release 2021 Update 1 / October 22, 2020

Who makes PaintShop Pro?


Which is the latest version of Jasc Paint Shop Pro?

In the later versions a lot of tools were included in the application. JASC Paint Shop Pro 7 was a significant upgrade. This version allowed easy retouch, repair and edit options, automatic photo enhancement and much more! The trend was continued in its later versions JASC Paint Shop Pro 8 and JASC Paint Shop Pro 9.

Which is the best Paint Shop Pro software?

Pick a software title… to downgrade to the version you love! Paint Shop Pro 7.0 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

Who is the owner of Paint Shop Pro?

The Jasc company was purchased by Corel years ago and Corel changed Paint Shop Pro to a program more designed for photo editing than image creation. I don’t need to create graphics often enough to justify the cost of the expensive image creation software available today.