What frame shape is best for square face?

Round and oval glasses are the best choice for people with square faces. These frames will soften and balance your strong jawline and add contrast to your face shape.

What style glasses suit a square face?

Round and oval glasses are the best choice for people with square faces. When it comes to choosing stylish glasses, people with square faces have the chance to be bold and expressive. It’s hip to be square — and it shows in the wide range of glasses for square faces. The key is to search for glasses with round frames.

What looks good on square face?

Long bobs are great on a square face, as long as they’re soft and layered. Avoid a sharp, blunt bob that hits right at your chin; it’ll only accentuate your jaw, creating a boxy effect. The long bob is perfect for someone who has actress Keira Knightley’s square face.

Are square glasses good for square face?

Glasses for Square Face Shape Square faces often have bold, angular features and cut a clean, straight line from the forehead to the jaw. Rounded and thinner frames that are slightly wider on the side will have a harmonious and natural look on square faces.

What is square face shape?

“With a square face shape, your forehead, cheekbones and jaw will be the same width, but your jaw will have sharp angles to it,” Duenas said. Square face shapes are similar in appearance to a round face, but have a more pronounced, wide jawline. A square face has very minimal curves to it.

What is the best eyeglass shape for a square face?

The best glasses for square faces are round or oval shaped – this helps round out the sharpness of the face for a more balanced look. Examples of styles that would work well for square faces are aviators, butterflies, round or any frame style that favors oval or circular curves.

What are the best eyeglasses for square face?

Round metal frames are the best glasses for square faces. The bring harmony to your angular face and flatter it with an interesting look. Also, they are small which makes them a good fit for square faces.

What are the best eyeglass frames for oval faces?

Square frames. One of the most popular geometric frame shapes that match well on oval face is square. It adds contrast to the oval face by adding sharpness and enhances the overall look.

How to pick the best glasses for your face shape?

Round Face : Do you have a round face?

  • it is probably the easiest face shape to choose frames that work best.
  • Square Face And Triangle Shape : Picking an Eyeglass Frame for squarish faces can be tricky.