What fic has the most hits on AO3?

The most liked fic is “I am Groot”, with over 99,000 kudos. The story with the most hits (over 3 million as of July 20, 2021) is “All the Young Dudes”, set in the decades preceding the events of the Harry Potter books.

Is Archiveofourown safe?

In simpler terms: AO3 is a fanfiction hosting site run and operated by over 700 volunteers. With a tagging system advanced enough to filter works based on what a reader doesn’t want to look at and over 1.8 million registered users, AO3 is a sort of safe haven for every kind of fic-loving fan.

Is it OK to read fanfiction?

Reading and writing doesn’t get much more powerful than that. But fanfiction isn’t just good for readers, it’s an incredible opportunity for writers, too. It allows a writer’s original story to continue on without them, take on a adaptable life that can fit each new generation of reader.

What is the most read fanfiction?

Most popular sections

Rank Fandom Category
1 Harry Potter Books
2 Naruto Anime/Manga
3 Twilight Books
4 Supernatural TV Shows

What fandom has the most fanfiction on AO3 2021?

Destiel is, as far as I can tell from the stats, the biggest ship on AO3 overall, with over 90,000 fics total.

Why is wattpad so bad?

Wattpad’s biggest problem is that it lacks moderation. The content guidelines state that Wattpad will take down stories including explicit sex, self-harm or graphic violence that aren’t marked as mature, but just a cursory look through the “hot romance” list reveals many stories that violate these guidelines.

Does JK Rowling like fanfiction?

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has given her blessing to fans who write their own Potter stories online. Websites such as FanFiction.net and SugarQuill.net carry thousands of stories inspired by Rowling’s global best-sellers.

Is it bad to read BTS fanfiction?

Every fan appreciates BTS in a different way, and indulging in writing/reading fanfiction is a perfectly valid way of doing so. However, I admit it gets embarrassing when people start fighting over ships or posting fanfic content on twitter/weverse. Fanfiction is just that – fiction.