What episode of Shake It Up is something to dance for?

Apply It Up
Background and composition. The song was the second single from the soundtrack Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance and was used on a special episode of Shake It Up, (Apply It Up) which was the first 2012 episode from Shake It Up.

Can Zendaya dance?

Zendaya was born 1 September 1996 in Oakland, California, to father Kazembe and to mother Claire Stoermer. She also spent three years dancing with her former dance group called Future Shock Oakland. They danced such dances as Hip Hop and Hula.

Are Zendaya and Bella Thorne friends?

As for the status of their current friendship, Bella told US Weekly that she’s more than happy to continue supporting Zendaya. “She’s always been amazing and she’s always going to be amazing. Although the Disney Channel series has long since ended, it appears as though Bella and Zendaya do remain friends.

Who does CeCe date in shake it up?

CeCe Jones
Romances Ty Blue (kissed; crush) Kendall Schmidt Celebrity Crush
Friends Rocky Blue (best friend) Ty Blue Deuce Martinez Dina Garcia Molly Hampton Derek Carter Rachel Watson Lindsay Hampton Maddie Carter
School John Hughes High School
Affiliations Shake It Up, Chicago

Did Dina leave shake it up?

Despite several rumors, Ainsley Bailey has confirmed on Twitter that she is not leaving Shake It Up. In “Jingle It Up” Dina said her middle name is Carol, but in “Boot It Up” she revealed her full name and it didn’t have Carol in it. She dates Deuce Martinez throughout most of the series.

What kind of dance is in shake it up?

Heather Phares of AllMusic gave a review: “The soundtrack to the third season of the Disney Channel series Shake It Up. I Heart Dance features more hip-hop-tinged dance pop, CeCe Jones (Bella Throne) and Rocky Blue (Zendaya) sing and dance as backup dancers on Shake It Up, Chicago.

Why did Zendaya and Bella stop being friends?

In an interview with Us Weekly, Bella said she and Zendaya were unable to maintain a friendship during the first season of the show because of the constant comparisons. “We had to deal with that so much on Shake It Up,” Bella said.