What does villainous name mean?

adjective. having a cruel, wicked, malicious nature or character. of, relating to, or befitting a villain: villainous treachery. outrageously base, wicked, or vile: a villainous attack on his character. very objectionable or unpleasant; bad; wretched: a villainous storm.

What is the synonym of villainous?

Some common synonyms of villainous are corrupt, degenerate, iniquitous, nefarious, and vicious. While all these words mean “highly reprehensible or offensive in character, nature, or conduct,” villainous applies to any evil, depraved, or vile conduct or characteristic.

How do you use villainous in a sentence?

Villainous in a Sentence 🔉

  1. After reading the first chapter, the villainous witch in the story was going to cause havoc for the protagonist.
  2. With fire shooting out of his mouth, the villainous dragon darted after the prince trying to destroy his kingdom.

Does villain mean evil?

A villain is a bad person — real or made up. In books, movies, current events, or history, the villain is the character who does mean, evil things on purpose. Today a villain is a wicked person, whether in fact or fiction.

What is a female antagonist called?

Villain. The villain usually is the antagonist, the character who tends to have a negative effect on other characters. A female villain is sometimes called a villainess.

What makes a villain a villain?

A villain is the opposite of a hero. A villain is the antagonist of your story whose motivations and actions oppose the protagonist and drive the plot of your story. A villain is the opposite of a hero. In contrast to the hero, a villain is usually compelled by a desire to commit acts of cruelty and immorality.

How do you spell evil villain?

British Dictionary definitions for villain

  1. a wicked or malevolent person.
  2. (in a novel, play, film, etc) the main evil character and antagonist to the hero.
  3. history a variant spelling of villein.