What does preserving the status quo mean?

the existing state of affairs
Status quo is a Latin phrase meaning the existing state of affairs, particularly with regard to social, political, or military issues. For example: “The countries are now trying to maintain the status quo with regard to their nuclear arsenals.” To maintain the status quo is to keep things the way they presently are.

How do you say status quo in Spanish?


  1. [ of person] (marital, on social media) estado m. (= situation) condición f. (social) posición f (social) (professional) estatus m. marital status estado m civil.
  2. (= state) [of agreement] situación f.
  3. (= level) [of subject, profession, organization] estatus m.

How do you use the phrase status quo?

Status quo sentence example

  1. There is no desire to change the current status quo .
  2. Student movements have always risen up against the religious and political status quo .
  3. For them the movement is giving voice to a social discontent with the social status quo .

What does it mean to question the status quo?

The Status Quo is the current state of affairs. It’s how things are done. Often we hear that “we’ve always done it this way.” Other times we’re waiting for a better way to come along. To question the status quo, we ask “what if” and “why not.”

Which is an antonym for the term status quo?

Near Antonyms for status quo. irregularity, uncommonness, unusualness. disorderliness, disruptiveness. disruption, disturbance. anomalousness,

Is the status quo what the world wants?

The status quo is what we desire, peace is what the world wants. “Well, we’re back to the status quo,” announced Brandon, calmly. In other words, Gloria thought, the status quo has to be kept.

What did the status quo mean in Roman times?

In Roman times it received the dignity of a municipium—implying municipal status and Roman citizenship for its free inhabitants. She had no civil status, but when she married Jules Desmarets her name, Clemence, and her age were publicly announced.