What does it mean when Panasonic phone says Check Tel line?

This is a test to see if it is a problem with the telephone or a problem with the telephone jack. If the telephone operates on a different jack then the problem is with the original telephone jack.

Why does my cordless phone say check Tel line?

Ensure that the telephone line cord and the AC adaptor are properly connected. b. Ensure that there are no broken pins on the telephone line cord. Unplug the phone from the electrical socket and remove the batteries from the base unit for approx.

How can I check my phone without a phone line?

A multimeter is used to test a phone line without a phone. If multimeter functions properly then the reading will appear on its digital screen and this will emit a beeping sound.

Why does my Panasonic cordless phone keep cutting out?

Power issues are a common problem with cordless phones. Fortunately, they’re pretty easy to solve. Check that the AC cord on the base unit is plugged into a power outlet, and that the telephone cord is properly inserted into a phone jack. Each individual handset also needs to be charged.

How do you check if a phone line is active?


  1. Check for an active connection by plugging in a phone and checking for a dial tone.
  2. Alternatively, call a service provider to verify if your line is active or not.
  3. Naked broadand plans are worth considering if you do not have nor want an active phone line.

Is there a check Tel line on my Panasonic phone?

My Panasonic cordless phone has “check tel line”. I have no dial tone. I have unplugged the phones and plugged them in, My Panasonic cordless phone has “check tel line”. I have no… My Panasonic cordless phone… My Panasonic cordless phone has “check tel line”.

Where do I Find my Panasonic cordless phone number?

Since this is a cordless system, that model should be printed on a sticker on the bottom or back of the MAIN base unit (model should start with KX-TG ). 2) What phone service provider (phone company) you have for this phone line?

How does the Panasonic link2cell cordless phone system work?

And because it’s digital, you’ll enjoy long range and clear sound while deterring eavesdropping. Link2Cell is a cordless phone system that operates together with your cell phone. Simply charge your cell phone through the USB port on the Panasonic base unit and sync the four cell phones via Bluetooth.

Is there a problem with my Panasonic land line?

If still not and it is the only device connected to the phone line in the premises then there is a problem with the line or the phone service provider’s equipment. Contact them about the problem and tell them what you have tried.