What does it mean by orifice?

: an opening (such as a vent, mouth, or hole) through which something may pass an anatomical orifice the nozzle orifice the cone built up from the cinders around the eruption orifice— R. H. Mohlenbrock.

What are some examples of orifice?

The definition of an orifice is an opening, especially an opening to the body or the opening of a tube or pipe. The mouth is an example of an orifice. An opening, especially to a cavity or passage of the body; a mouth or vent. A mouth or aperture of a tube, cavity, etc.; opening.

What does every orifice mean?

An orifice is an opening or a hole, most often in the body, such as your mouth or your nostril. We most often use orifice to describe a natural opening in our bodies, but it can an opening into any cavity, such as a hollowed out tree trunk, or the vent of a heating system.

Is your belly button considered an orifice?

An opening or aperture; any external opening in the body of an animal. In a typical mammalian body such as the human body, the body orifices are: nostrils, eyes, mouth, ear canals, anus, urethra, vagina, orifices of nipples, orifices of sweat glands, navel.

What are the applications of orifice?

Applications of Orifice Meter It is used to measure the flow rate of fluids in their single state (i.e. gaseous state or liquid state). It can also be used to measure the flow rate of fluids in a mixed state (both gaseous and liquid states) such as, wet steam, or natural gas with water.

How many openings are there in the human body?

There are seven natural body openings or orifices providing access to an internal cavity through a natural passage called a canal, duct or meatus.

What are the gates of the body?

There is a vedic story wherein which the body is compared to a city, a city consisting of 9 gates (entrance/exits). Two eyes, two ears, your mouth, your nostrils, your anus and genitals. The king in the city is the consciousness, the Queen the intelligence, both married together in this city.

Which is the best definition of an orifice plate?

Definition of Orifice plates. Orifice plates are one of the most popular devices for the measurement and control of fluid flow. The shape and manufacturing tolerances of plates used in measurement applications are defined in the international standardization publications of ISO, AGA, ASME and others.

Where does the word orifice come from Merriam Webster?

Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback . Middle English, from Middle French & Late Latin; Middle French, from Late Latin orificium, from Latin or-, os mouth + facere to make, do — more at oral, do

How are orifices used to measure fluid flow?

The opening can be of circular, triangular or rectangular in cross section and they are named on the basis of shape accordingly. Orifices are mainly used for measuring the rate of fluid flow. Orifices are classified on the basis of many criteria such as: Nature of upstream edge etc. These are explained briefly as below:

Which is the largest orifice in the body?

Also the large orifice is the one which has the head is less than five times the depth of orifice. Classification based on shape: Based on shape of orifice they are classified as following: Rectangular orifice. Circular orifice. Triangular orifice.