What does direct and retrograde mean in astrology?

Direct motion is the motion of a planetary body in a direction similar to that of other bodies within its system, and is sometimes called prograde motion. Retrograde motion is motion in the opposite direction. It is only seen when outer planets are near opposition.

What does a retrograde mean in astrology?

As the name suggests, retrograde is when a planet appears to go backward in its orbit, as viewed from Earth. The opposite of retrograde is direct or prograde motion. Prograde motion is the term astronomers prefer, while astrologers are more prone to use the term “direct” motion.

Is retrograde bad in astrology?

Vakri grahas or retrograde planets do not always produce bad results, they impel reconsideration of functions associated with them. A retrograde planet at the time of birth affects a person immensely by its qualities. If more than one planet is retrograde then the planet most advanced in a sign affects the most.

What is retrograde and combust in astrology?

The 5 planets (Tara graha), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are subjected to periodic apparent changes in direction i.e. retrograde motion. The winner planet dominates the others. They get ‘combust’ if they get close to the Sun which leads to a reduction in their power to give results.

What does retrograde mean spiritually?

While “retrograde” can sound like a pretty intimidating word, it essentially means that Mercury is slowing down, and appearing to go backward from your viewpoint here on Earth.

How does retrograde affect us?

According to Daisy, Mercury being in retrograde could cause huge relationship challenges, such as cheating, betrayal or loss of intimacy. She says: “As this planet appears to retreat, it may feel like it’s all going wrong in your love life, as you bring up issues and arguments from the past.

How does a retrograde affect us?

What happens during a retrograde?

When a planet is retrograde, it appears to be moving backward in the sky, traveling back into the sign it was previously transiting. Any retrograde is always a period of review and reassessment.

How does Saturn retrograde affect us?

When Saturn goes retrograde, its effect turns inward, encouraging you to reflect and review the foundations, structures, traditions, rules, and restrictions in your life and ask yourself if they’re serving their purpose or if they need to shift.

What is the meaning of the term retrograde?

Definition of Retrograde The term applied to an apparent backward motion in the Zodiac of certain planets when decreasing in longitude as viewed from the Earth.

Is there such a thing as a retrograde planet?

It is averred by some astrologers that a planet in retrograde motion partakes of the nature of the Mars end of the spectrum.

What do you need to know about retrograde motion?

To be able to visualize and thus thoroughly understand the phenomenon of retrograde motion it is advisable to study the cycles of two groups of planets: the minor planets, those between the Earth and the Sun; and the major planets, those whose orbits lie outside that of the Earth.

How often does Mercury Retrograde occur in astrology?

Mercury retrograde is a phrase used in astrology to refer to a phenomenon that occurs periodically when the planet Mercury temporarily appears to reverse its normal course and move backward through the zodiac. This phenomenon occurs three times each year, and it lasts for approximately three weeks each time.