What does Die Zeit mean?

The Time
Die Zeit (German pronunciation: [diː ˈtsaɪt], literally “The Time”) is a German national weekly newspaper published in Hamburg in Germany. The newspaper is generally considered to be among the German newspapers of record and is known for its long and extensive articles.

Is Zeit masculine or feminine?

2 Feminine nouns

Feminine Ending Example Meaning
-keit die Sehenswürdigkeit sight
-schaft die Gewerkschaft trade union
-ung die Zeitung newspaper
-ei die Bäckerei bakery

What is the meaning of German in English?

German means belonging or relating to Germany, or to its people, language, or culture. A German is a person who comes from Germany. Horst, a German from Hamburg, was a true original.

How much does Die Zeit cost?

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Is Die Welt left or right?

The modern paper takes a self-described “liberal cosmopolitan” position in editing, but it is generally considered to be conservative. As of 2016, the average circulation of Die Welt is about 180,000. The paper can be obtained in more than 130 countries. Daily regional editions appear in Berlin and Hamburg.

What’s the meaning of Geist?

Geist (German pronunciation: [ˈɡaɪst]) is a German noun with a degree of importance in German philosophy. Its semantic field corresponds to English ghost, spirit, mind, intellect. Some English translators resort to using “spirit/mind” or “spirit (mind)” to help convey the meaning of the term.

What does verruckt mean in English?

Verrückt is a German word meaning “insane” or “crazy” and may refer to: Verrückt (water slide), a water slide at Schlitterbahn in Kansas City, Kansas, United States, formerly the tallest in the world.

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Who are the experts at Zeit Online AG?

The experts at nexum AG advised the team at Zeit Online on process planning and project documentation in order to coordinate the innovations in the design, user navigation, reader interaction and editing tools. […] […] […] sollen beim Theatertreffen 2010 fortgesetzt werden.

Who are the two brothers in the book Zeit?

Two brothers in America, one a Democrat, the other a Republican. They despise each other’s political beliefs. Their story shows what politics can do to families. His grandfather was the commandant of Auschwitz. The grandson presented himself as the victim of his family history.