What does Cincom do?

Cincom is a global organization devoted to building software solutions that help businesses succeed.

Who owns Cincom?

Thomas M. Nies
Thomas M. Nies is the founder and CEO of Cincom Systems, Inc. Since its founding in 1968, Cincom has matured into one of the largest international, independent software companies in the world.

What is Cincom Eloquence?

Cincom Eloquence is a highly intuitive, document automation software application that helps businesses easily design, deploy, deliver and manage high-volume, personalized customer communications. This eliminates manual processes, accelerates production time, lowers operating costs and improves document accuracy. Design.

What is Supra database?

SUPRA Server SQL is Cincom’s advanced ANSI-compliant relational database management system for the deployment of high-performance, data access applications. SUPRA Server SQL is the only relational database management system that can meet the goals of high performance and cross-platform integration.

What is Supra in mainframe?

SUPRA advanced relational data base management system is designed for integrating workgroup and departmental information systems with corporate mainframes, is well-suited for high-volume development and processing environments, provides production-level performance in client/server and server/server distributed …

What is Supra DB?

Who are the founders of CinCom Systems Inc?

Cincom Systems, Inc., is a privately held multinational computer technology corporation founded in 1968 by Tom Nies, Tom Richley, and Claude Bogardus. The company’s best known product today is named Total (trademark TOTAL ).

What are the different types of CinCom Systems?

EPOCH-FMS (1980), a directory-driven financial management system. Series 80 Data Control System (1980), an interactive online data dictionary. TOTAL Information System (1982), a directory-driven database management system. ULTRA (1983), an interactive database management system for DEC ‘s VAX hardware.

What did Cincom do in the 1970’s?

Cincom introduced several new products during the 1970s, including: ENVIRON/1 (1971), a control system for teleprocessing networks. SOCRATES (1972), a data retrieval system for receiving reports from the TOTAL database system. MANTIS (1978), an application generator. It has developed enough of a following to still be the focus of attention in 2017.

Which is a patented feature of Cincom machining?

Superimposed Operation A patented feature, this function allows the motion of the main Z1 axis to overlap the motion of the Z2 axis. As a result, machining can be performed on the Z2 and X2 axes, independently from operations being performed on the Z1 and X1 axes.