What does a piggyback ECU do?

Piggyback tuning Computers/Controllers – Piggyback style controllers intercept signals to/from the factory computer and modify them to achieve the desired tuning result. Used when reflashing is not possible and use of a standalone ECU is not possible to retain required OEM functions.

Is DieselTRONIC safe?

The DieselTRONIC is designed and developed using our dynamometers to perform well within the safety limits of your engine. Installing it does not harm the engine or its life.

What is the use of PowerTRONIC ECU?

PowerTRONIC plugs-in to your motorcycles Engine Control Unit (ECU) and takes control over how fuel is injected and more importantly – how this fuel is ignited!

Can you put a standalone ECU in any car?

Each platform has their favourite tuning solution – but a good standalone can adapt to almost any platform or motor. Whether it’s a Megasquirt or a Motec, it is important that the ECU is adaptable and that there is plenty of support in the tuning community for the particular ECU.

Does DieselTRONIC increase mileage?

The DieselTRONIC LITE map raises power and torque output by 40% while increasing mileage by 15%.

What is the use of DieselTRONIC?

DieselTRONIC Piggyback ECU. The Single Channel DieselTRONIC primarily controls the fueling of your vehicle providing you with optimized fuel flow throughout your drive on highways or within the city. Performance gains with the unit would be up to 25% above stock.

What is PowerTRONIC Quickshifter?

PowerTRONIC is now quick shifter compatible, ie hardware integration to plug-in a quickshifter. The quickshifter sensor is installed on the shift lever, and senses the gear shift movement of the gear shift lever/pedal, and momentarily cuts power to the engine to enable quick, seamless clutch-less shifts.

Is there a plug and play piggyback ECU?

Performance has no limits with the PowerTRONIC Plug-in Piggyback ECU. Built on electronics that have fueled over a decade of motorsport victories, PowerTronic marks the beginning of a new era in piggyback engine control. R-Tune PowerTRONIC is our full featured Tuning Interface for the PowerTRONIC piggyback range of ECUs.

How long has race dynamics been in business?

My association with Race dynamics is about 12 years till date and all this time the team has never let me down. The services offered by them have supported my 35 years of racing career and have sculpted me into a better racer and tuner. Gains of 20 percent in power and torque is very believable and true.

What kind of system does race dynamics use?

What an awesome system. Engine runs smoother with tremendous torque delivery spot on. Powertronic is able to extract the pure performance that the motor is capable of. Plug n play system and detailed manual makes installation pretty simple.