What do you need to know about P90X?

P90X comes with a nutrition plan, a fitness guide with all the workouts and information for following the system and a series of DVDs that are broken up into various workouts designed to confuse your muscles over a 90 day period. And that ‘ Muscle Confusion ‘ is what sets P90X apart from other programs.

Who is the creator of the P90X workout program?

P90X is a popular home workout program created by fitness guru Tony Horton and Beach Body CEO Carl Daikeler. It claims to get you ripped in 90 days. You will also get in better shape and stronger after the intense 90-day training.

How many P90X DVDs are on the market?

P90X, or “Power 90 Extreme”, is an in-house workout exercise program developed by Tony Horton that promises to improve fitness of user body, lose weight and gain muscle in 90 days. It includes 12 DVDs each has different workout style, a DVD for an overview of the system, a 3 phases nutrition plan,…

Can you use cardio X on P90X classic?

P90X Classic is the original design of this home workout system, and uses all of the workouts except one. Cardio X won’t be used at all in this workout, but you can use it if you choose the Doubles method.

P90X Fitness Guide provides a road map and plan of attack for using P90X. Learn the guidelines for getting started and essential tips for how to make the most of the program. Free Online Support Tools for access to fitness experts, peer support, and motivation. Recommended tools include a chin up bar and resistance bands or dumbbells.

How to get ripped in 90 days with P90X?

Turn to the P90X Extreme Home Fitness system, a bundle of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days.

How does the P90X chin up bar work?

The P90X® Chin-Up Bar mounts easily to any doorframe to become your own personal gym. The custom design with 12 grip positions makes this the perfect tool for chin-ups and pull-ups. Built for durability and comfort, the P90X chin-up bar is the ultimate fitness training tool for strengthening and developing your shoulders, back, arms, abs, and more.

How big does a P90X door frame need to be?

Made of heavy-gauge steel that holds up to 300 pounds, the P90X fits doorways up to 32 inches wide and requires a sturdy doorframe with trim. The doorway should be a minimum of 5 inches wide and a maximum of 6.5 inches.