What do the colors mean on a family crest?

Gold – Or: Signifies wisdom, generosity, glory, constancy and faith. Blue – Azure: Signifies loyalty, chastity, truth, strength and faith. Red – Gules: Signifies magnanimity, military strength, warrior and martyr. Purple – Purpure: Signifies temperance, regal, justice, royal majesty, and sovereignty.

What is the middle of a Viking shield called?

shield boss
The type of shield used by the Vikings can be traced back to the Iron Age. It consists of thin planking, which forms a circular shape. In the middle is a dome of iron to protect the shield bearer’s hand. This is called the shield boss and is often the only part which is preserved after 1000 years in the ground.

What color is a shield?

Colours refer to the regular and most frequently used tinctures in heraldic shields, including shades such as azure, green, purple, black and red. Finally, furs refer to coloured patterns which include ermine and vair.

How to make a shield family crest template?

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How to view your family crest, coat of arms?

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What do you call the shield on a coat of arms?

A Coat of Arms has historically referred to the full ‘Achievement’, meaning the shield, side-ribbons (mantle), the helmet, and the crest above it. However this distinction has been lost over the centuries and today it is quite common for people to refer to the shield as the ‘family crest’ or ‘coat…

Where can I find a blank family crest template?

Blank Family Crest Template – Cliparts.co Find this Pin and more on church camp ideasby April Thornton. More information Blank Family Crest Template – Cliparts.co Find this Pin and more on church camp ideasby April Thornton. Saved from cliparts.co Blank Family Crest Template