What did William Borden write in his Bible?

While on his deathbed, he wrote two final words in his Bible: “NO REGRETS.” When news William Whiting Borden’s death was cabled back to the U.S., nearly every American newspaper carried the story.

What happened to William Borden?

In March 1913, he contracted cerebral meningitis and died a few weeks later. He was 25. Ironically, his mother had just arrived from America to vacation with him in the mountains of Lebanon, and she was present for the simple funeral in which Samuel Zwemer participated.

Who said No RESERVE No RETREAT No regret?

William Borden’s
In the front cover, underneath the words “No reserve” and “No retreat,” they were astonished to see the dying Borden had also scrawled two final words: “No regrets.” No reserve, no retreat, no regrets. Although William Borden’s life appeared to end prematurely, he had accomplished everything God had planned for him.

When did William Borden die?

April 9, 1913
William Whiting Borden/Date of death

When was Borden born?

November 1, 1887
William Whiting Borden/Date of birth
William Whiting Borden was born into affluence in Chicago, Illinois, on November 1, 1887, the third child of William Borden and Mary Degama Whiting. His mother was born in Detroit on August 31, 1861, to John Talman Whiting and Mary Sophia Hill.

Where does Borden milk come from?

Today, Borden Dairy Company is headquartered in Dallas, TX and operates 12 plants and nearly 100 distribution centers in the Midwest, Southern and Southeastern regions of the U.S. We offer 35+ products that are enjoyed by millions and remain a staple in the dairy industry.

What is the meaning of Borden?

English: habitational name from a place in Kent named Borden, perhaps from Old English bar ‘boar’ or bor ‘hill’ + denu ‘valley’ or denn ‘(swine) pasture’.

Is William Borden related to Lizzie Borden?

“After Lizzie Borden died, he became the executor of her will.” Though they were not actually related, Cooke’s grandfather officiated at the wedding of Andrew and his second wife Abby Borden, and his sister was a friend of Lizzie’s.

What was Jesus’s last words on Earth?

And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani? that is to say, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? This is the only saying which appears in more than one gospel, and is a quote from Psalm 22:1.

How old was William Borden when he went on his trip?

For his high school graduation present, William Borden’s parents gave their 16-year-old son a trip around the world. As the young man traveled through Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, he felt a growing burden for the world’s hurting people.

How did William Borden give away his wealth?

“A wave of sorrow went round the world . . . Borden not only gave (away) his wealth, but himself, in a way so joyous and natural that it (seemed) a privilege rather than a sacrifice” wrote Taylor in her introduction to his biography. 10 Was Borden’s untimely death a waste?

How did William Borden come up with no reserves?

I cannot say positively whose suggestion it was, but I feel sure it must have originated with Bill. We had been meeting only a short time when a third student joined us and soon after a fourth.

What did William Borden think of Yale University?

4 Surveying the Yale faculty and much of the student body, Borden lamented what he saw as the end result of an empty, humanistic philosophy: moral weakness and sin-ruined lives. During his first semester at Yale, Borden started something that would transform campus life.