What did Tim Stockdale die of?

Stomach cancer
Tim Stockdale/Cause of death

Has Tim Stockdale died?

November 14, 2018
Tim Stockdale/Date of death

Which show jumper has died?

jumper Tim Stockdale
British Olympic show jumper Tim Stockdale has died at the age of 54 after losing his battle with cancer. Stockdale, who was part of the Great Britain quartet that narrowly missed out on bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, was only diagnosed with stomach cancer last month.

Which showjumper died recently?

With Tim Stockdale
He wrote a number of books and produced a three-part training video titled Successful Showjumping With Tim Stockdale….

Tim Stockdale
Personal information
Discipline Show jumping
Born 12 August 1964 Worksop, England
Died 14 November 2018 (aged 54)

How old is Joseph Stockdale?

International showjumper Joe had his first taste of international competition when he was selected to jump on the junior team for Great Britain in 2017, travelling to Holland and Belgium. The 21-year-old is also a talented cricket player and nearly chose this sport as his career.

Is Hickstead named after the horse?

One of Canada’s top Olympic athletes — a stallion named Hickstead — collapsed and died in front of hundreds of spectators while competing in Italy on Sunday. Hickstead, a Dutch Warmblood, was carried out of the ring. …

What happened to the horse Hickstead?

On November 6, 2011, at a competition in Verona, Italy, Hickstead collapsed shortly after finishing a round and died of an aortic rupture. At the time, he was paired with Lamaze, the number one rider in the world. Eric Lamaze had praised this horse in 2006: Some horses just don’t get it.

Does Joe Stockdale lesson?

Learn, improve and have fun with Joe Stockdale as he teaches you on your own horse/pony at his yard in Northamptonshire. You will also get the opportunity to meet a few of Joe’s horses and see the yard! The perfect birthday or Christmas present for a keen equestrian.

Who is Joe Whitaker’s dad?

Joe Stockdale is the son of the late, great Tim Stockdale, who was one of the hardest working and nicest guys in British showjumping. With horses in his blood, Joe is a natural in the saddle and showed promise from an early age.

How old was Hickstead the horse when he died?

15 years old
The findings listed the cause of death as a catastrophic rupture of the major blood vessel, the aorta, which led to heart failure. Hickstead was 15 years old.

What kind of horse is Hickstead?

Dutch Warmblood
Hickstead, a Dutch Warmblood, was carried out of the ring.

How old is Olli Fletcher?

These 1.50m classes are some of the most prestigious on the national circuit and always a highly competitive affair, so when 15-year-old Olli, son of the great showjumpers Graham and Tina Fletcher, was handed the red ribbon at Wales and West last weekend (18-21 May), it was a truly momentous moment for the whole family …

What did showjumper Tim Stockdale die of?

Top British showjumper Tim Stockdale has died following a short illness. The 54-year-old was diagnosed with stomach cancer in October and passed away peacefully at Cynthia Spencer Hospice in Northampton today (Wednesday, 14 November). He was surrounded by his wife, Laura, and sons, Joseph and Mark.

What did Tim Stockdale do for Sport Relief?

Stockdale was also a trainer in the world of show jumping, having taught celebrities to show jump in the Sport Relief series Only Fools on Horses which aired in 2006. He also trained a number of young show jumpers who have gone on to represent Great Britain.

What kind of horse did Tim Stockdale ride?

Tim Stockdale (12 August 1964 – 14 November 2018) was an English equestrian who competed in the sport of show jumping. Stockdale competed in international competitions and rode a number of horses, owned by both himself and others.

What kind of cancer did Tim Stockdale have?

Tim Stockdale. Photo (c) Hervé Bonnaud / www.1clicphoto.com. Very sadly, British showjumper Tim Stockdale passed away peacefully today, aged 54, after a short illness. Stockdale had been diagnosed with stomach cancer, which he announced at the beginning of October.