What did Bourdieu say about education?

To conclude, Bourdieu says the role of education in society is the contribution it makes to social reproduction. Social inequality is reproduced in the educational system and as a result it is legitimate. The education system help maintain to dominance of the class.

What does Bourdieu’s notion of cultural capital help us understand about the educational system?

Bourdieu argued that cultural capital, that is familiarity with the dominant cultural codes in a society, is a key determinant of educational success because it is misperceived by teachers as academic brilliance and rewarded as such.

How does social capital affect education?

In summation, the concept of social capital is a useful tool for understanding differences among student learning outcomes. Nations with high stocks of social capital are more likely to produce students with better academic performance than nations with low stocks.

What is meant by educational capital?

Educational capital refers to educational goods that are converted into commodities to be bought, sold, withheld, traded, consumed, and profited from in the educational system.

What does Pierre Bourdieu mean by educational capital?

The term educational capital is a concept that expands upon the theoretical ideas of French sociologist and anthropologist Pierre Bourdieu who applied the notion of capital to social capital, cultural capital, and symbolic capital.

What did Jacques Bourdieu say about cultural assets?

Bourdieu argued that the children of middle-class or wealthier parents are likely have cultural assets – knowledge, behaviour, attitudes and cultural experiences – that ensures that they succeed in education (and society). Capital is usually used to refer to money. According to Marxists, having capital gives the wealthy power.

Who is the founder of cultural capital in education?

Pierre Bourdieu and The Habitus. The Marxist sociologist Pierre Bourdieu is the theorist most closely associated with developing the concept of cultural capital and applying it to education.

What are the three concepts of Pierre Bourdieu?

To analyse this theory Bourdieu designed three theoretical concepts: habitus, capital and the field (Bourdieu and Passerson, 1990).