What did Alexandrine Tinne do for a living?

Alexandrine Tinné was an avid explorer. A well-chaperoned Grand Tour of Europe offered wealthy Victorian women a way to safely admire civilization’s wonders, but such travel held little interest for Dutch heiress Alexine Tinné.

When did Alexine Tinne go to Central Africa?

For the first extensive journey in Central Africa, Alexine Tinne left Europe in the summer of 1861 for the White Nile regions. Accompanied by her mother and her aunt, she set out on 9 January 1862. After a short stay at Khartoum the party ascended the White Nile to Gondokoro, the first European women to arrive there.

Who was on Alexandrine Tinne’s expedition in 1863?

Ornithologist Theodor von Heugelin and botanist Hermann Steudner joined Tinné’s 1863 expedition, which required a flotilla of boats to ferry her entourage of soldiers, maids, porters, and clerks, as well as the required camels and donkeys. Tinné’s five dogs, carried in panniers by porters, also accompanied the group.

When did Alexandrine Tinne go up the White Nile?

Accompanied by her mother and her aunt, Tinné left Europe in the summer of 1861 for the White Nile region. After a short stay at Khartoum, the party traveled up the White Nile and became the first European women to reach Gondokoro. Tinné fell ill and they were forced to return, reaching Khartoum on 20 November.

Why did Alexandrine Tinne go to Sudan?

Tinné was so intrigued by Africa, she launched an 1863 expedition to what is now Sudan to discover the source of the Nile, something European explorers had sought since Roman times.

Why did Alexandrine Tinne stay with the Shilluk?

Because of their trying conditions, Alexandrine became terribly ill with a fever and the women stayed amongst the Shilluk tribesmen for a month until she regained her health. Soon other members of the group fell ill as well, and her favorite maid Flora, and then another beloved maid, Anna, both died from it.