What are the ongoing projects of TCS?

TCS runs India’s passport project and India Post’s digital and financial inclusion project, among other e-governance projects. The government is stepping up use of such projects, including the one for income tax filings. On August 31, nearly five million people filed their tax returns online, a record for a single day.

What is the latest technology in TCS?

TCS Business and Technology Services help enterprises become future ready with its offerings across the digital technologies including Cloud, IoT, Business Operations, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Data and Analytics, Quality Engineering and Automation.

Which ISU is best in TCS?

BFS->Its banking and financial services .. this is the most profitable ISU of TCS .. almost 35% revenue comes from this ISU ..

Who are TCS clients?

TCS, India’s largest IT exporter, operates in 19 countries across Europe, catering to dozens of big clients such as Deutsche Bank AG, SAP AG, ASML Holding NV, Infineon Technologies AG, and ABB Ltd.

Is TCS a unit?

The new unit will leverage TCS’ deep domain knowledge across industries and global talent pool of nearly 50,000 engineers trained on Microsoft technologies, to help customers leverage the power of AI, automation and cloud to enhance customer experience, re-imagine employee empowerment, optimize operations and spur …


TCS Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Solutions.

Is HiTech in TCS?

TATA Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) Heads the Industry Vertical for HiTech and Professional Services Industry Business Unit globally.

Who is TCS biggest client?

What was my very first project in TCS?

My very first project in TCS was such. It was related to factory automation robotics from “Engineering domain” then. Such projects (and in turn account) grow later to a large account with this product as the backbone.

How does research and innovation work at TCS?

TCS Research and Innovation explore innovative trends to accelerate the future transformation to solve customer challenges & provide impactful solutions. Research & Innovation: How TCS Develops Transformative Solutions

Why does TCS invest in early stage technologies?

We invest in early-stage disruptive technologies to fuel future growth. Over the past three decades, TCS has established itself as a pioneer in software research, and has continued to systematically invest in research and innovation.

How does TCS help customers manage technology risk?

In this fast-changing world, exploration of early-stage disruptive technologies is the key to managing technology risk and staying relevant to our customers. By creating tools and frameworks for software development, TCS has been able to deliver large and complex projects for customers around the world.