What are the Epsdt requirements?

EPSDT Services

  • Comprehensive health and developmental history.
  • Comprehensive unclothed physical exam.
  • Appropriate immunizations (according to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices)
  • Laboratory tests (including lead toxicity screening.

Is MO HealthNet Medicaid or Medicare?

If you are approved for help, you will have healthcare coverage through Missouri Medicaid (MO HealthNet). This healthcare coverage is different than Medicare and it can help with benefits not normally covered through that program, like nursing home care and personal care services.

Did Missouri expand Medicaid?

Missouri voters approved Medicaid expansion, the Supreme Court of Missouri held the expansion amendment to be constitutional, and the trial court has ordered the state not to prohibit enrollment. DSS will continue to work towards fulfilling the state’s legal obligations under the Constitution and court order.

What is the maximum income to qualify for Medicaid in Missouri?

Have a disability or a family member in your household with a disability, or. Be 65 years of age or older….Who is eligible for Missouri MO HealthNet?

Household Size* Maximum Income Level (Per Year)
1 $17,131
2 $23,169
3 $29,207
4 $35,245

What do you need to know about Medicaid EPSDT?

States are required to provide comprehensive services and furnish all Medicaid coverable, appropriate, and medically necessary services needed to correct and ameliorate health conditions, based on certain federal guidelines. EPSDT is made up of the following screening, diagnostic, and treatment services:

What does EPSDT stand for in health care?

The Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) program is a federally mandated service which provides preventive and comprehensive health services for children from birth up to age 21 who are eligible for Medicaid.

Who is the Family Support Division ( FSD ) for MO HealthNet?

The Family Support Division (FSD) determines client eligibility for the MO HealthNet program: the MO HealthNet Division administers the MO HealthNet program including establishment of benefit coverage, rates, claims processing, and all other aspects of daily operations.

How old do you have to be to get an EPSDT screening?

That’s why the liaisons in our EPSDT department assist the parents or guardians of all members younger than 21 years of age in receiving EPSDT screenings, treatment, follow-up, and referrals to the Early Intervention Program when appropriate.