What are the different types of spelling worksheets?

The intent of these worksheets is to give children the ability to practice a wide range of words while keeping it fun and stress free. We have a bunch of different types to choose from including scrambled words, “say, trace and write”, complete the sentences, word search and more.

What can I print for my kids to practice spelling?

Number word practice – 3 printable worksheets to practice spelling and simple addition and subtraction facts. The fun twists I’ve added will make your kids want to finish each page correctly!

What can I do to improve my spelling skills?

Use these free, printable spelling worksheets to practice and improve spelling. Spelling skills are closely related to reading skills and writing skills; all rely on the visual representation of words. Our spelling worksheets include spelling lists and spelling exercises for each grade.

Is there a free Spelling curriculum for 1st grade?

K12Reader offers parents and teachers free spelling words curriculum for 1st through 5th grade. This teacher-developed curriculum can help students develop strong spelling and word recognition skills, and reinforces strong reading development.

Why do we need a comprehensive spelling program?

A comprehensive spelling program extends past the simple memorization of the letters that make up the individual words. Weekly word lists given for the purpose of improving each student’s spelling also provide an ideal opportunity to ensure that all students are being exposed to words that will reinforce their overall success in literacy.

How does the suffixes spelling worksheet help kids?

Kids choose the correct blend and write it to complete the word. Each picture in this worksheet is missing the first three letters of its name. Kids choose the correct consonant blend from the boxes and complete the word. This suffixes worksheet helps your child identify and create words with suffixes.