What are the best KC lights?

Our top pick when it comes to the best combination of performance, durability, ease of installation, and price is the KC HiLites Daylighter Off-Road Lights System. You get well-sized 6-inch round CREE LED lights, which are perfect for seeing clearly in dusty, foggy, or low light conditions.

Are KC lights good?

We always recommend KC Daylighters (Halogen or LED). The standard halogen KC Daylighters are just as effective today as they were decades ago. For a bit more you can grab the Gravity LED versions for lower power consumption with roughly the same light output while still maintaining that classic look.

Can you use KC lights on the road?

KC lights are street legal in most places as long as you cover them during the daylight. However, states have requirements for the number of lights, their position, and usage even if they are covered.

What does KC lights stand for?

They are the initials of the founder of the company, Peter Kim Brown, and his wife, Carol Brown. The company was started in their home garage, back in the late 1960s.

Are off-road lights worth it?

Do You Really Need Off-Road Lights? They’ve become a bit of a trendy thing to have in recent years, but well placed off-road lights are legitimately an excellent tool to have when you need them. Obviously, if you find yourself on the trail at night, they can be handy for spotting obstacles.

Who makes the best off-road driving lights?

The Best Off-Road Lights on the Market of 2021

  1. KC HiLiTES 8-Piece Light Bar.
  2. Nilight 20-inch Light Bar.
  3. North Pole LED Light Bar.
  4. Cutequeen Cree LED Spotlight.
  5. Aux Beam 4-inch LED Pods.
  6. Hella Driving Lamp Kit.
  7. Rigid Industries Combo LED Light Bar.
  8. Yitamotor LED Light Bar.

Are KC lights made in the USA?

Though some of KC’s products are still sourced overseas, DeHass feels good about keeping a majority of the manufacturing in the states. Even the wire is made in the states.

How bright are KC Daylighters?

6″ Daylighter Halogens deliver up to 2,796 lx @10m of light output with a beam distance of 1,058 meters. Tempered glass lens, precision optical reflectors with bright H3 Halogen bulbs combine to improve range and clarity.

Why do KC lights have covers?

KC light covers are also UV treated, to protect your lights from sun damage and keeping your lenses look brand new. KC light covers not only protect your fog and driving lights from harsh conditions but also adds a rugged off road appearance with Iconic KC Logos.

Are KC lights waterproof?

KC HiLites 336 C-Series C30 30″ LED Light Bar with Wiring Harness and Waterproof Connectors.

What kind of Lights do you use in a KC?

Categories. Top-notch KC LED lights have been used for tail, brake, and running lights, and now KC also has LED auxiliary lights that provide efficient illumination for a safe nighttime driving experience. LEDs produce a super-bright and attractive beam of light, improving both your vision and your vehicle’s look.

Are there street legal LED lights from KC?

KC Street Legal LED Lights are available in a variety of sizes, housings and beam patterns including Driving and Fog. KC products are backed by our commitment to use the best materials, manufacturing processes and provide the best customer service in the industry.

What kind of driving light system does KC HiLiTES use?

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? KC HiLiTES 151 Apollo Pro 6″ 100w Driving Light System includes two fully assembled lights with integrated stone guards and complete wiring harness with relay and illuminated switch.

Where to look for off road and driving lights?

KC HiLiTES is the first place to look for auxiliary flood and driving lights, off-road lights, fog lights, light bars, wiring kits, and many other products designed to accommodate your lighting needs. Seriously, if it’s dark, you need KC!