What are some unused words?

The 15 most unusual words you’ll ever find in English

  • Serendipity. This word appears in numerous lists of untranslatable words and is a mystery mostly for non native speakers of English.
  • Gobbledygook.
  • Scrumptious.
  • Agastopia.
  • Halfpace.
  • Impignorate.
  • Jentacular.
  • Nudiustertian.

What is the longest word that starts with V?

18-letter words that start with v

  • vincaleukoblastine.
  • ventriculopuncture.
  • ventricularization.
  • venoperitoneostomy.
  • verkhnedneprovskii.
  • verkhneberezovskii.
  • vesiculotympanitic.
  • vesicovaginorectal.

Is there a two letter word that starts with V?

Please see our Crossword & Codeword, Words With Friends or Scrabble word helpers if that’s what you’re looking for….2-letter words starting with V.

VP vs

Which animal starts with V?

Alphabetical List of Animals That Start with V

  • Vampire Bat.
  • Vampire Squid.
  • Vaquita.
  • Vervet Monkey.
  • Virgin Islands Dwarf Gecko.
  • Vulture.

What are V words to describe?

Starting with VI

  • vicious.
  • victorious.
  • vigilant.
  • vile.
  • villainous.
  • vindictive.
  • violet.
  • virtuous.

Are there any 4 letter words that start with the letter V?

4-letter words starting with V. V. 4-letter Words. vaal. VABs. vaca. vacs. vada. vade.

Which is the most commonly used V word?

The adverb / adjective “very” is the most frequently used V word, not surprisingly, given it can be applied so generally and is so commonly used in everyday usage. Glossary with part of speech and definition for the top 200 or so most frequently used V words:

Are there any adjectives that start with the word vu?

Adjectives That Start with VU (10 Words) 1 vulcanised. Treated by a chemical or physical process to improve its properties (hardness and strength and odor and elasticity) Unica is a vulcanised lump paper material. 2 vulcanized. 3 vulgar 4 vulnerable 5 vulpecular 6 vulpine. 7 vulturine 8 vulturous 9 vulval. 10 vulvar.