What are some old fashioned British names?

Abraham, Albert, Alfie, Alfred, Archie, Archibald, Arthur, Benedict, Cecil, Charles, Charlie, Edward, Edwin, Eric, Ernest, Ezra, Frank, Freddie, Frederick, George, Henry, Jack, Oliver, Reggie, Reginald, Stanley, Ted, Winston. See other baby names loved by BabyCentre parents in our lively community discussion.

What were common names in the 1700s in America?

The most common girl name during colonial times was Elizabeth, followed by Mary, Sarah, Anne, and Frances. Along with Elizabeth and Mary, other colonial names for girls in the US Top 500 include Abigail, Amy, Caroline, Charlotte, Hannah, Katherine, Molly, and Sabrina.

What happened to old English names?

Old English names were heavily influenced by the German and Scandinavian invaders that came before the Norman Conquest. After 1250, names shifted almost completely to Norman names like Robert and William. In 2009, there were 60,900 names in use in England and Wales, the most popular being Oliver and Olivia.

What were some popular names in the 1600s?

Learn about the most Famous People born in the 1600s including John, King of England, Henry II Of England, Richard I of England, Averroes, Marco Polo and many more.

What are some 1800 girl names?

These retro girl names, straight from the list of top baby girl names from the 1800’s, are full of classic, yet surprisingly modern sounding, baby names. Mary. Elizabeth. Margaret. Ida. Clara. Alicia. Florence.

What are the most popular first names?

The 10 most popular first names are: Girls’ Names: María Mary, very popular used in a composed name such as Maria Fernanda, Maria Guadalupe, Maria Sofia, Dulce María. Guadalupe Guadalupe is a very popular name that can be feminine or masculine.

What are common colonial names?

Let’s take a moment to look back at some of the unusual names that popped up in Colonial America. Most of the common names were traditional ones such as John, William, Richard, Mary, Jane and Elizabeth but the Puritans also favored Old Testament names, virtue names and phrase names like Fear-Not or Safe-on-High.