What are rules of procedure in MUN?

The Rules of Procedure require the Chairman to interrupt proceedings to hear the point of order and to rule immediately on it (where ‘rule’ means to declare either that the point of order has no merit or to accept it and direct any delegate who is out of order to conform to the Rules).

What is parliamentary procedure in MUN?

Committee Procedure & Flow. BMUN uses parliamentary procedure because it is the most efficient way to present arguments and reach a conclusion in the MUN setting. Our committees are meant to flow in a way that empowers delegates to lead themselves from opening speeches to robust resolutions.

What are the do’s and don’ts of MUN?

In Model UN conferences, you do not see delegates throwing diplomatic decorum out the window when they are provoked. Always maintain diplomatic decorum, in the room, outside the room, during debate, during caucus, always. Respect the other delegates, even if they are completely opposed to your opinion or bloc.

What is a delegation in MUN?

What is a Delegation? A delegation is a group of students that join the conference together, representing a certain university, city, country, MUN club, or other institution or concept.

What is the first motion in an Mun?

Motion to Open Debate
Motion to Open Debate: This is the first motion of the conference and is made to move into formal debate and open the primary speakers list. If there are multiple topics on the agenda, the body will first debate on the order they are to be discussed until there is a motion to set the agenda.

How are the rules of a Mun different?

An MUN can normally be separated into different parts of the discussions, which all have their own functions in furthering a topic. As they perform differently, the rules within these procedures differ slightly as well. 1. The Opening of the Debate

Which is simpler Mun or Ga rules of procedure?

GA rules of procedure are simpler than the parliamentary rules used in MUN simulations. For one, GA rules only have one point, a Point of Order. MUN simulations also include Points of Information, Points of Inquiry and Points of Privilege.

What are the rules of procedure at the UN?

The Rules also provide that if any delegate believes that the Chairman’s ruling is incorrect, he/she may appeal against the ruling. Because the power within a Committee rests ultimately with the delegates themselves, an appeal must immediately be put to a vote.

When to use no action motion in UN?

The term “no-action motion” is used when a motion for adjournment of debate is made to block action on a specific draft resolution or decision. no one (other than the Chairman) may intervene in the debate (i.e. speak so as to be heard by the conference) without having been given the floor by the Chairman; and