What are alpha patterns?

Alpha patterns are another type of friendship bracelet pattern with horizontally tied knots. Alpha patterns are often used to make designs with letters or simple images. The charts for Alpha patterns look like a grid.

What is a forward backwards knot?

The Forward-Backward knot is made by making a forward hitch followed by a backward hitch. In other words, use the left-hand string (yellow) to tie a forward hitch on top of the right-hand string (pink). The strings will switch place.

Are there any good patterns for friendship bracelets?

These free friendship bracelet patterns will show you how to make bracelets with zig-zags, Chinese ladder knots, chevrons, braids, twists, and many other kinds of designs. There are ones perfect for a beginner or children, and other patterns that are great for someone a little ambitious or wanting to make a more sophisticated friendship bracelet.

How to read the Alpha / letter patterns?

Use the same string but change direction and make two left-knots. When you get to the third knot (counting from the right), the A pattern tells us it shall be a brown knot there instead of blue.

How to make Alpha bracelets with more than 2 colors?

If you want to make alpha bracelets with more than 2 colors, take a look at Multicolored Alpha patterns. They are explained in the tutorial Multicolor Alpha Bracelets The knots used are the normal FORWARD knots and the BACKWARD knots. They are slightly inclined in the alpha bracelets compared to the normal fk’s and bk’s though.

How to make friendship bracelets with names, numbers, and numbers?

For a child or slender teen/adult wrist, hold the floss that will be the color of your letters/numbers and measure from your fingertips to your elbow. Once you do that, double it and cut that length. Repeat this process until you have five pieces this length. (In my example, the letters will be pink).