What airline flies out of Trenton Mercer Airport?

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How early should I arrive at Trenton airport?


Is Trenton airport safe?

Trenton Mercer Airport is committed to making the travel experience as easy and safe as possible for all of its passengers. It is known for ease of security checks, which makes it a well-maintained airport in the United States.

What airport code is TTN?

Trenton-Mercer Airport/Code

What airline flies out of Atlantic City Airport?

Spirit Airlines
Located just twelve minutes from downtown Atlantic City and serviced by ultra low cost carrier Spirit Airlines. ACY serves more than 1 million passengers per year on thousands of flights to Atlantic City. Click to see all Atlantic City Airport flights!

What time does Trenton Mercer Airport Open?

Since January 1994, tower operations have been shortened to 6 AM to 10 PM. In 1995 the airport’s name was changed to Trenton–Mercer Airport in an effort to identify it with the city of Trenton (the capital of New Jersey and county seat of Mercer County).

Does Trenton Mercer Airport have long term parking?

Both short term and long term parking at Trenton Mercer Airport are available. The third parking lot offers overflow parking to accommodate the increase in the number of users. This lot is opposite the general aviation section of the airport and you can use a free airport shuttle to get to the terminal building.

Is Trenton airport small?

Several aspects of the proposed master plan for the airport were revealed. Plans call for a new terminal sized at 115,000–125,000 square feet. The current terminal is 24,780 square feet.

Does Southwest fly out of Trenton NJ?

Southwest won’t fly out of New Jersey anymore, but these discount airlines do. However, while Southwest may not be operating out of New Jersey anymore, there are other discount airline options available in-state.

What airlines fly out of Atlantic City NJ?

Top Routes from Atlantic City

  • Spirit Airlines Atlantic City to Tampa.
  • Spirit Airlines Atlantic City to Detroit.
  • Spirit Airlines Atlantic City to Fort Lauderdale.
  • Spirit Airlines Atlantic City to Myrtle Beach.
  • Spirit Airlines Atlantic City to Houston.
  • Spirit Airlines Atlantic City to Dallas.

Where are the restrooms at Trenton Mercer Airport?

Restrooms are located on every level of the terminal building, including after the TSA check-point. Trenton-Mercer Airport is fully wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. The aircraft is boarded by utilizing a graduated ramp, allowing easy wheelchair access.

When is environmental review for Trenton Mercer Airport?

The Trenton-Mercer Airport Terminal Area Improvements Draft Environmental Assessment is posted below for public review. The public is encouraged to participate in the 30-day Public Review period, which begins on Monday, May 3, 2021 and which will be advertised in local media and on this website.

How do you get off an airplane in Trenton NJ?

Aircraft boarding/exiting is accomplished with a graduated ramp that is open to the elements. Once you have deplaned, proceed to baggage claim to get your baggage and depart the airport. If you are not claiming a bag, you will still proceed through baggage claim, as this is the only way to exit the airline terminal ramp area.

How much is parking at Trenton Mercer Airport?

Parking is $2 per hour. The airport has a number of paid parking lots. Parking is $2 per hour/$8 per day. The lots are automated and accessible 24 hours a day. When entering a paid lot, take a ticket and the gate will open. KEEP THIS TICKET.