Was Walt really crying?

It’s all my fault. I had it coming,” Walt confesses. Walt isn’t just crying because he’s ruined the only real relationship he had (both business and personal), but he’s crying because he’s realized the mess he’s made of his life, and those around him.

Was Walter fake crying?

When Walter Jr. confronts his dad, Walt makes up a story about getting beat up because of his fake gambling addiction, and completely breaks down in front of his son. Question for the readers: Though he was lying to his son, I was pretty sure Walt’s tears were genuine. They were for the normal life he’s left behind.

What episode does Walter White cry?

Crawl Space (Breaking Bad)

“Crawl Space”
Episode no. Season 4 Episode 11
Directed by Scott Winant
Written by George Mastras Sam Catlin
Cinematography by Michael Slovis

What is the saddest Breaking Bad episode?

Breaking Bad: 10 Of The Saddest Moments

  1. 1 Walt Dies.
  2. 2 Hank Is Killed.
  3. 3 Mike Dies.
  4. 4 Jesse Is Tortured.
  5. 5 Jesse Kills Gale.
  6. 6 Todd Murders A Boy.
  7. 7 Andrea Is Murdered.
  8. 8 The Plane Crash.

Did you cry during Breaking Bad?

Vince Gilligan (AMC’s Breaking Bad), whose show returns with its final eight episodes in August, admitted he cried when he wrote the final words on the script to the last episode. I actually cried writing the end – ‘The end’ on the last episode,” Gilligan said. “I haven’t since then.”

Why does Walt call Jr Jesse?

When Walt called Jesse “son” in the season premiere, my blood ran cold. Walt may have a biological son, but Jesse still is the son Walt never had. Jesse knows Walt so much better than Jr. Just like Hank, when reminded of Walt’s extraordinary intelligence and ruthlessness, Jesse went off half-cocked.

Why did Walt make it sound like he killed Hank?

Hank being killed is a direct result of Walt’s choices that he has made. I think [Walt] realizes this in this moment. Dean Norris, who plays Hank, even says in the same video that he signed off on his character’s fate with just one request of the writing staff. “It’s funny,” he explained.

Why did Walt call Skylar?

Although it took some viewers (including this one) a while to catch on, most everyone agrees that Walt’s call to Skyler was intended for the police he knew would be listening, that in casting her as a terrified woman under the thumb of a homicidally violent drug kingpin, he was trying to exonerate her, to absorb her …