Is UOFA library open to public?

All our locations are open. Please respect the personal space of staff members and fellow library clients by staying 2 metres away from each other.

How can you ask for help from Cameron library?

  1. Use the Chat button on this page.
  2. Zoom with a Librarian – call the Library at (580) 581-2956 to schedule or walk-in to get immediate help.

How many libraries in u of Alberta?

University of Alberta Library has 10 branches and divisions at University of Alberta’s Edmonton campuses and at University of Alberta Augustana Campus….University of Alberta Library.

Size 8,191,408
Access and use
Circulation 461,204
Other information

Are the U of A libraries open?

Locations & hours We’re open to all University students, faculty, and staff, including the public.

Where can I study at U of A?

Study spots around the UAlberta campus

  • International Centre. 9101 112 St. (
  • Students’ Union Building (SUB) 8900 114 St NW (University of Alberta), Edmonton, AB.
  • Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex (ETLC)
  • Telus Centre.
  • HUB Mall.
  • Business Lounge.
  • Education Building.
  • Edmonton Clinic Health Academy.

Is University of Alberta a good University?

UAlberta is a Top 5 Canadian university, home to more than 500 graduate programs, 200 undergraduate programs and 450 active student groups. UAlberta is globally connected through nearly 400 teaching and research partnerships in 50 countries and is one of the Top 150 universities in the world.

Is U of Alberta prestigious?

The U of A is ranked 4th in Canada and 81st in the world for research impact (NTU Ranking 2019), with several of its subjects ranking very highly. The university is also ranked amongst the top 100 universities in the world (Centre for World University Rankings, 2021.

Is University of Alberta hard?

The University of Alberta’s acceptance rate is slightly over 50%. This means that while the school may be competitive, it is still not very difficult for people to be admitted. However, different departments have their own various acceptance rates for their programs.